Israeli comment two days in a row. People are going to think I am anti-Semitic. Far from the truth. However certain actions call for reactive comment.

Monday, it was Israel shooting over the fence into Gaza killing 59 Palestinians. Injuring 2,700.

Yesterday, a new South Carolina law that defies conception. One which goes into effect July 1.

The law boils down to any criticism of Israel and Jews will be considered anti-Semitism. It targets halls of education. Public schools and universities. Not the public as a whole.

The law will be in effect for two years.

Those supporting its passage had trouble getting it voted on favorably via the normal course. They arranged for the proposed law to be passed through the back door. The law was slipped in by adding it into the State’s 2018-19 budget.

Monday and yesterday, actions that went a step too far. Even more. Steps that do not reflect well on Israel and Jews. Actions that cause them more harm than good.

Last night, the Chart Room. A friendly evening. Good to see John again.

Met interesting people.

Don and Linda from Fishkill, N.Y. Their third visit. Celebrating their 9th anniversary this time.

Don owns a plumbing and heating company.

A fun couple. They will enjoy Key West to its fullest.

Bob Labeskis sat next to me. Could have been a Key Wester. Straw cowboy hat, white beard and tache. Visiting from somewhere in northern Florida.

We had a terrific conversation. Bob is a voice over artist. We talked about voice overing, writing, shows, etc. Bob knowledgeable in all areas.

His business is SPOTS Recording, Inc.

It rained while I was in the Chart Room. Big time as it has most every morning for a week. A wall of water cascading down.

Unusual weather for this time of the year. Not expected to end for several more days.

Stopped at Tavern ‘n Town on the way home for a prime rib. My diet food. Still holding at 38 pounds.

Met two different couples. Both residents of Key West for several years. None of us had ever met each other.

I find this amazing since Key West is such a small island. Nevertheless, it happens often.

A busy day ahead. Haircut with Lori. Then pick up Terri and take her to Publix to shop. Donna is visiting one of her children in Detroit. Followed by a manicure.

Tonight, I hope to be at the Old City Hall at 6. KWAHS is sponsoring a talk re Duval Street’s history. Should be interesting.

This week’s KONK Life on the stands. Pick up a copy. My column this week Black Caesar…..Keys Pirate. Interesting.

Jean and Joe Thornton sleeping in their own bed once again. They returned from a 30 day European trip tuesday. Jean telephoned me sunday night from some Nordic country advising their return. She and Joe plan on returning to Key West May 29.

Jean Key West’s Golden Girl. She discovered gold and emeralds while diving with Mel Fisher back when. Changed her life.

Trump is making old friends new enemies and old enemies new friends. We did not need the changes.

Europe is obviously unhappy with Trump. For good reasons. European Council President Donald Tusk said yesterday: “With friends like Trump, who needs enemies.”

He added, ” Trump has made us realize that if you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm.”

Bottom line from his perspective, Trump “selfish and capricious.”

The world is changing in more ways than politically. Another, work force. Robots replacing humans.

Within five years, a significant percentage of Americans will be ordering their groceries over cell phones. Food to be delivered to their homes within a one hour window.

Wal-Mart for one already testing the approach in several areas.

Kroger is the United States’ second biggest grocer. Locations in 35 states, 2,800 supermarkets.

Kroger apparently sees the handwriting on the wall. They entered into an agreement with Britain’s Ocado which will transform Kroger into a technology provider.

Ocado already successful in Great Britain. It provides groceries to 65,000 households each week.

Ocado operates out of a huge warehouse. Utilizes 1,100 robots. The robots pack the groceries. Do it without ever running into each other.

Kroger will operate from a robot run warehouse.

Ocado’s stock went up 62 percent the day its agreement with Kroger was announced.

Progress is progress. My concern is the 1,100 jobs lost to robots. As a Nation, we are not preparing our people to learn other and new tasks.

Enjoy your day!






  1. During my lifetime, I have run into a number of bigots. One thing always stuck out. Each was not aware he was a bigot. They were blind to it. Considered themselves the best of people, caring for all equally and justly. -KW Lou 1/15/18

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