There is but one certain winner tonight at Trump’s Tulsa Rally.


An arena holding 19,000. A building next door holding thousands more. The streets packed with Trump followers and protesters.

Such indicative of only tonight. For several days, out of towners wanting to watch the President have been arriving in Tulsa and living/sleeping in sidewalk tents. Social distancing not even a thought. Very few wearing face masks.

The coronavirus bug has to be saying WOWIE! All those people to infect! Especially those without masks and no social distancing.

A coronavirus delight! The cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.

Even better, the virus will travel with those out of town attendees when they return home. New bodies to infect!

A second problem tonight will be confrontations. Between anti-Trump protesters and those providing security.

Word is Trump has arranged for the national guard to be present. From which State I have not been able to ascertain. Additionally there will be local police, State Police, and Secret Service. In the largest numbers possible.

The confrontations could be bloody. Extremely.

I would expect those protecting the President and rally to be on the ready to react to the slightest disturbance. I would assume they will have the benefit of humvees and helicopters.

The days of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi are long gone. Though the protesters speak of “peaceful marches,” I sense  the protesters will fight back. Many will arrive prepared with guns and other items of war. People of color feel this is their time and will not relent.

I believe, though I could be wrong, that tonight will not be televised. It will only be available via streaming. I am still trying to figure out how to find an available stream to Key West and one which is free.

If anyone knows, please let me know.

One last point. I was a history major. I read voraciously. Especially historical books. I never read about the black tragedy which occurred in 1921 in Tulsa. I never knew it occurred.

Apparently buried so it would be forgotten and no one would know.

Enjoy your day!

18 comments on “CORONAVIRUS WINS

  1. ‘Tough on China’ has been key to Trump’s reelection campaign, and his “loyal” followers swallowed that nonsense blindly. Now they’re the ones that look like fools, yet again. They’ll never learn.

  2. Trump has done his best to spark a civil war with his divisive rhetoric and fear mongering. Is it part of his plan to deconstruct America? I recall another nutcase with similar aspirations, Charles Manson.

  3. I feel this is going to be an exceptionally long hot summer and not one to remember. The divisions and hate now run deep into the bedrock of the nation. Trump is the Enabler-in-Chief. I naively hoped that once he was elected by the Electoral College and not by a majority of Americans he would realize that was a mandate not to dictate but to unify. But people with narcissism never care as they truly have no empathy.

  4. I thought that I heard that a million people wanted to get into Tulsa tonight.

    Didn’t they say that a million people wanted to get into the Tulsa rally? Tonight the Trumps are saying that there is still plenty of room inside. What happened?

  5. Meanwhile, enthusiastic Democratic campaign organizers are expecting a turnout of more than three hundred Biden supporters at his next rally. The location is not set yet, but it is rumored to be the lobby of a Ramada Inn in Schenectady.

  6. Mail in voting is a very minor equal opportunity fraud situation. Any of it at all by both sides should render it ineffectual.

    • Ignorant post, based on either false information or it’s an intended troll. Also, poorly written and basically indecipherable.

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