Where would man be without the “right” to discriminate against certain of his fellow man? Discrimination covers many areas. One of the most popular is religion.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise not only in the U.S., but also world wide. Anti-Catholicism likewise. However creeping when compared to the speed with which anti-Semitism is moving.

A most recent example of anti-Catholicism involves a public elementary school in Cos Cob, Connecticut.

Jeremy Bolandis an assistant Principal at the Cos Cob school. One of his responsibilities was the hiring of new teachers. He recently openly admitted to discriminating against Catholics in a video. He hung himself with the video.

Cos Cob is a small part of the the affluent Greenwich area.

Boland belongs to a group known as Project Veritas. Anti-Catholic. Boland openly took the position he would rather have progressive teachers under age 30 as faculty members. He believes they are “more savvy” about delivering a Democratic message. He also acknowledged discriminating against older teachers. His justification being older persons are too conservative.

Boland’s prejudices went viral with the video. His job acquired an uncertainty. He has been placed on administrative leave.

I enjoyed a late breakfast/early lunch with old friend Cheryl Keast yesterday at Harpoon Harry’s. Cheryl decided on Harpoon Harry’s for the meeting.

Cheryl and Roger were snowbirds. Met them 20 years ago. The second time I ran into them was breakfast at Square One. They were enjoying eggs and steak. I was in the process of losing weight. Turned out to be 60 pounds. Walked Key West every morning, ate nothing. I told them I hated them both for what they were devouring and the pleasure they obviously were enjoying from it. Every time we met after that, we jokingly exchanged the experience.

Roger died 3 months ago. Cheryl decided to visit every place they traveled over the years. Community by community. Beach, restaurant, etc. And leave Roger’s ashes at each place. She carries a small plastic bag in her purse with his ashes.

She is in Key West for 4 days to accomplish the Key West portion of her goal. She has already left Roger’s ashes at Dante’s, the Bull, Tree Bar, Chart Room, Boondocks, Geiger’s Key, Hogfish, Brad’s Campground, Hurricane Hole, the Green Parrott, Don’s Place, the Hot Tin Roof, and the Mile Marker O sign.

And she was not yet finished when we met yesterday! Such commitment! A serious endeavor on her part.

Where the ocean is part of a facility, Roger’s ashes became part of the ebbing tide. Where water not available, Cheryl has a system where and how Roger’s ashes may be permanently left.

We were sitting at the table for 4 in the rear of Harpoon Harry’s. Cheryl took out a bottle of nail polish and Roger’s ashes. A touch of the nail polish on her finger. Followed by a few ashes on the nail polish. She then took her finger and rubbed it under the table. Voila! Roger’s permanent home at Harpoon Harry’s!

When Steve Thompson first arrived in Key West in the 1970’s, he had to make a living. Decided to open a taco stand on Duval. No one knew what a taco was. Whatever, it became a success. Steve opened several more throughout south Florida. Made a chunk of money.

His first store on Duval opened in March ’74.

I got the store open in March of ’74. Seems like no one had heard of a taco before. My first customer asked, What is a taa-kos? He caught me off guard, I was at a loss.

It was Duval Street and I thought he was wasted. Then he said, “That was the best damn thing I ever tasted.”

The Le Mistral French restaurant was right next door. For the best gourmet food, you couldn’t ask for more. Rene would prepare dinner for his crew every day. I couldn’t believe it when he came over to say, “They all want burritos and tacos for dinner.” That’s when I knew I had a winner!

Today a bad day in history for the world. On this day in 1939, World War II began. Nazi Germany invaded Poland,

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