The food situation is bad. Gets worse by day.

One that can only be understood if it is you who is experiencing it.

The anti-hunger group Feeding America came out with a recent study: Fifty four million, of which 18 million are children, lack access to sufficient food. Primarily in poorer communities. Malnourishment flourishes.

The cause the deadly increase in coronavirus infections.

Between March and October 2020, there was a 60 percent increase in food bank users.

Four out of ten users of food banks were first timers.

Food banks are running out of sufficient food.

Thanksgiving week 5.6 million households struggled to put food on the table.

Food insecurity is slamming 2 groups the hardest. The Black and Latino communities and seniors and people with chronic diseases.

Food insecurity existed before the virus reached American shores. Coronavirus accelerated the problem. Today 37 million people, 11 million of them children, live in homes where insecurity exists.

Food scarcity today the highest in 4 States. Between 22 and 24 percent. Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana. One in five residents in these states suffer food insecurity. Which means these families lack the money or resources necessary to put food on the table. One in four children face hunger.

Children are missing meals throughout the U.S. Lisa Davis is the Sr. Vice-President of No Kid Hungry. She recently said that where children miss meals “it affects their physical health, how they perform in school or don’t perform, their graduation rates, and even their lifetime earnings, so the cost of doing nothing is very high. I worry a lot we are looking at a lost generation of American kids.”

That last sentence scares me.

Widespread hunger across the U.S. will continue to grow. Reflecting the vulnerability already faced by huge segments of American society.

The vaccine solution is not immediate. Six months to one year away before a sufficient number of persons are vaccinated and an impact experienced.

Vaccinations have only recently commenced. Projected numbers of those that were to be inoculated by this date substantially lower than expected.

Doubt it should be a matter of concern. The vaccines are new and unanticipated problems arise which fortunately can and will be dealt with. We’ll get there, except it is going to take a bit longer than initially projected.

In the meantime, a workable system has to be devised to feed the increasing number of hungry persons and those soon to be hungry.

Enjoy Christmas Eve day!


  1. You’d think that those reps from the 4 states (red) would be fighting for more “social” programs to help their constituents !!!!!

  2. I drove to the food bank on Maloney on Stock Island next to Roostica to donate some food. I stayed in my car and popped the trunk so they could remove my donation. A worker walked to the rear of my car and placed a big box of food items in the trunk without saying a word then started walking away. I had to call him back and explain the situation.

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