Believe it…..Christianity is the most persecuted religion today. So claims Pew. So understood by most of the world.

Christian persecution is ignored in the West. The West is silent re the problem. Why, I do not understand.

Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday a perfect example. Three Catholic Churches attacked. Four luxury hotels. Three hundred dead. Five hundred injured.

An Islamist group responsible.

The world is living through the most serious phase of Christian persecution in history. Few acknowledge it. Far worse than during the Roman Empire.

Christianity was born in the Middle East. Through the 20th and into the 21st century, Christians have been driven from the Middle East with bombs and bullets. With hardly a squeak of protest from the West.

It is thought the West is silent for fear of being labeled Islamophobic.

Moving on to the Far East, China is likewise anti-Christian. Big time.

China is a scientifically engineered society. Technocrats cannot tolerate any fundamental ideology that refuses to be molded into the uniform system. Dissent in any fashion cannot be handled.

China has instituted a squeal on your neighbor situation. And made it financially beneficial to the squealer. Rat on your neighbor and be rewarded.

The government wants to know who are Christians. Anyone reporting an individual as Christian receives $1,500. Applies to all Christians and Christian activities. Examples include one’s neighbor, underground Church activities, and bible studies.

Guangzhou the first Chinese city to participate in the program: Snitch on Christians and receive $1,500.

The snitch program has come down hard on Protestant Churches. Resulted in the demolition of Catholic Churches. Also Buddhist Temples and Muslim Mosques.

The two institutions that have had the greatest influence on my life are the U.S.  Government and the Catholic Church. Both in chaos today.

Interestingly, I am simultaneously reading two works evidencing the breakdown of both.

The Mueller Report one. Four hundred plus pages. The other, Frederic Martel’s In The Closet Of The Vatican. Five hundred plus pages. Both heavy reading. Weight wise and other wise.

Both institutions have taken the wrong path. Each must rediscover the correct one. If not, their destruction will adversely impact the whole world.

Will the consumer ever win? Regular gasoline over $3 a gallon. Will it hit $4 again?

News move so fast these days.We become aware of happenings within minutes. Sometimes seconds.

Not always so.

Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865. News of his death did not reach Key West for six days. Not till April 21.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday! Belated greetings.

My holiday began at 9 at Lisa’s. Brunch. Everything.

It was just the five of us. Lisa, husband and two children. And me.

One other. Jake. He’s got it knocked! Has the run of the house. Well behaved. Loves everyone and loved by everyone.

Robert is getting big. A high school freshman. Star tennis player. Stands 5 feet 11 inches. Only 2 shorter than me. He is not done growing. I suspect he will be 6 foot 2 or 3 inches.

Ally is in the eighth grade. A woman. Gorgeous.

Ally just returned from Washington DC. A school trip. Made friends with some girls from Puerto Rico. All excited about the friendship and the trip overall.

I committed a faux pas later in the afternoon. Embarrassing.

Frank Holden died a couple of weeks ago. His ashes received a Viking burial early in the afternoon. Some of the ashes were saved. For a place of honor in the Chart Room.

Not in the bar rail itself. Now prohibited by law.

Jean Thornton and friends prepared a new and different resting place for Frank’s Chart Room ashes. A shadow box. Good sized. Photo of Frank and his ashes in the box. The resting place for his ashes a tsa tsa. A clay molded  painted pouch.

The shadow box was screwed into the wall behind the bar.

The Chart Room celebration was at 5. I completely forgot about it. Did not arrive till 7 hoping to find some friends and share a few holiday drinks. Many people there. I was surprised at the number till I discovered it was Frank’s celebration.

Offered my apologies to Jean Thornton and several others. Felt like an ass.

All not lost, however. Vino’s placing a similar shadow box in its bar at 7 this evening. I will be there!

Ann one of Frank’s friends at the Chart Room. Ann a fellow Irma escapee. We spent 12 days together at Jean and Joe Thornton’s home in Birmingham.

Joe is in town. Here for a week. Always good to see him.

Steve and David attended Frank’s celebration. Chatted with the two of them quite a while.

Big George at the Celebration also. The name fits him. A big guy. He and Frank were room mates in Key West in the 1970’s.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou, The rest of the world sees Christians, particularly the American Christians as the aggresors and a clear threat. Wouldn’t you if you were in their shoes?

  2. It’s not me, I’m just stating the reality. Where there is religion, there is always hate! In this country we hate Muslims, at least with the controlling political party. People around the world are not blind, they can see that’s true.

  3. How many religions have a long running reputation of being kind, accepting and humble? Buddhists may be the only to come close. There is too much blood, war and domination.
    I for one find staying far from fundamental religion made me more of a humanist.

  4. …and brought me far greater peace than anything I ever had as part of any official church. But I do miss the Bingo nights.

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