In 2018 before COVID-19 struck, 1 in 6 American children lived in poverty. The number 11.9 million.

Today the number much higher. A moral outrage.

Let me put this in perspective.

The Catholic Church’s pro-life stance the issue in today’s blog..

Are we more concerned with children in the womb that we forget them as soon as they are born? Being pro-life must include concern for children after they are born as well as for those in uteros.

The Catholic Church has been fighting for the reversal of Roe v. Wade since it was decided in 1973. Billions have been spent.

The cry of the Church is minimal for childen who live in poverty. Pope Francis considers them a crisis situation. The split Catholic Church apparently does not.

When I refer to the Catholic Church, my comments are primarily directed to the U.S. Conference of Bishops. They are opposed to Francis on most issues.

My admonition is they fight for that which they believe, forgetting not the children already born. The philosophy involved simple. Everyone must eat!

Pierre Auguste Renoir was born this day in 1841.

He was part of the original group of painters that became known as Impressionists. Monet, Manet, Degas, Cezanne, and Pissaro. Close in age, they were all friends They spent many times together enjoying food and drink while discussing impressionistic painting.

Renoir was modest about his work: “What are paintings for, after all?” He answered his own question: “To decorate walls.” Not a big deal from his perspective.

His thought process re whether he was a great artist included also: “I am not syphilitic, homosexual or insane.”

Renoir was in his 50’s when he developed painful rheumatoid arthritis. His hands progressively deformed. His right shoulder a problem also. A stiffness. His malady so bad he could not even pick up a brush.

To continue painting, his wife or a model would carefully place a brush into his clenched hand. His hand was then wrapped with soft cloth to prevent sores.

Renoir’s best works were done in his later years when he was forced to paint as indicated. His work in those years involved vibrant colors and exuded positive energy.

One of Renoir’s intimate friends at the turn of the century (1900) was Louis Valtat. In 1905, Renoir did an original lithograph of Valtat. An image of him sitting comfortably in a relaxed pose in a chair. The image is 11 1/2 x 9.1 inches. Signed in stone in the lower right corner.

Nine hundred fifty lithographs were made from the original.

Some 45-50 years ago, I purchased one of those lithographs. I was told at the time that only 5 still existed.

I have never sold “my Renoir” as I like to describe it.

Thirty years ago, I was wandering the Impressionistic wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There on the wall in front of me was “my Renoir.” One of the 5 purportedly remaining.

I was thrilled!

As mentioned earlier, Pissaro and Renoir were friends. Pissaro was part of the young impressionistic painters mentioned. I have a Pissaro oil. Don’t be impressed. It is small. Something like 3 x 5 inches.

I wanted to be an artist. Studied part time for 2 years. Realized I did not have the talent. Ergo, became a collector.

My thought is Trump believed he could buy people. Especially judges. So went crazy appointing them to the Supreme Court and lower federal courts.

He never thought nor understood that some people cannot be bought.

Regarding the ballot fraud issue, 62 cases were brought in lower courts. Trump lost 61 of them. He also lost the “big one” when it came to the Supreme Court.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

Truman made 11 trips to Key West. The trips totaled 175 days.

Trump arrived in Key West this day in 1948. He was returning from Guantanamo. He stopped to “rest for 8 days.”

No Greece blog today. Days 31 and 32 got screwed up when I did them. Something was wrong in Athens at the time. I need Sloan to “fix” my problem. Hopefully she can get to it this evening.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Trump arrived in Key West this day in 1948. He was returning from Guantanamo. He stopped to “rest for 8 days.”

    At 1 1/2 years of age, it is called a nap. lol

  2. The Catholic Church’s pro-life stance clashes with President Biden’s views on abortion. He apparently holds strong catholic beliefs, but is strongly opposed to reversing Roe v. Wade. He has said that he will make Roe v. Wade “the law of the land”. Where does all of this go from here?

  3. Isn’t Roe vs Wade already the law of the land, and hasn’t that been so since 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution of the United States protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction?

    • Not quite. Governments could still impose “reasonable health restrictions” during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Abortions during the 3rd trimester could still be banned if the life of the mother was at risk. In 1992 the court threw out the trimester language in favor of something called “fetal viability”. But a woman’s right to have an abortion is still constitutionally protected. These changes in the Court’s language and intent have kept the debate alive, and there is still no absolute “law of the land” that legalizes or prohibits abortions.

      I know. I’m confused, too!

      • Why? are you confused that we have a first amendment but are restricted from yelling FIRE in a crowded theatre or a second amendment but are restricted from owning a Stinger?
        Absolutes rarely exist.

      • Is there an actual law that ALLOWS you to drive a car after midnight? How about an absolute “law of the land” that legalizes or prohibits you to ride a horse?

  4. Sounds more like forced justification for a confused ideology, i.e.: looking for a way to make it work for a (your?) desired effect.

    • On Oct 6th 2020 Joe Biden during a town hall said that he would push for legislation making Roe v. Wade, “the law of the land.”. His words.
      I’m not trying to make a point here, political, religious or otherwise. My comment was in response to Lou’s discussion of the Catholic Church on the abortion issue. Get a grip, people.

  5. The GQP is the Party clinging to the past in all things. The Democrats are the Party of the future, as they have been for a long time.

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