Jenna took me out for my birthday last night. A week late. But ok. She was in Atlanta last weekend.

Dinner at Azur. Jenna picked the place. An excellent choice. Fine food and service. A relaxing atmosphere.

We started dinner with champagne. Jenna loves champagne. We have enjoyed the bubbles several times together. The first was while watching Fourth of July fireworks some five years ago. We watched from my deck. In lounge chairs. A bottle of Dom Perignon on a small table between us..

A fine time then and a fine time last night.

Jenna has her own morning TV talk show. She interviews persons of interest. She also manages the TV studio. In between, she models in Miami and elsewhere. Her career is moving along.

I met Jenna when I started doing a TV talk show. She was my producer. I knew from nothing when I started. I learned a lot from her.

Last night, she talked to me about doing this blog once a week on video. Everything the same, except you see and hear me. I am considering trying it.

Frequently when I mention Jenna, out of towners ask that I post her pic so they could see what she looks like. Today is the day! Two Jenna photos!

A lovely lady. Inside and out.








I spent a lot of day time yesterday researching this week’s KONK Life column. Still have more research ahead today. Will write the column later today. It is due at the publisher’s.

The topic involves Margaret Sanger. Considered the founder of what today is Planned Parenthood. An outspoken woman regarding birth control and abortion.

Some interesting things have come to light this week. Her motivations re supporting birth control and abortion. Sanger shockingly was anti-black, participated in Klu Klux Klan meetings, believed only in the survival of the fittest, espoused Hitler doctrines, and more. Deeply revealing.

The revelations resulting from news this past week.  Planned Parenthood has been selling cells/parts of aborted fetuses. A revelation in and of itself!

Anna leaves for Amorgos today. I envy her. Amorgos is my favorite place.

Uber has pulled out of Key West. I do not think it final. They will be back.

Enjoy your Sunday!

4 comments on “CHAMPAGNE AND JENNA

  1. Many have known about Margaret’s beliefs and actions as well as those of planned parenthood for quite some time.
    Even at that I think Margaret is spinning in her grave.

    • Indeed.planned Parenthood is a disgrace. Not just selling body parts but taking ORDERS for certain organs, being careful not to crush anything ordered. Sickening. Between the cruelty and barbarity of ISIS and watching a planned parenthood “doctor” describe what she does as she stuffs her pie hole with food and wine, I’m amazed the good lord doesn’t destroy whats left of humanity, and it’s not much. You can call them fetuses if it makes you feel better, lou, but it’s not just a pile of tissue whe you hear the doctor, who must be a direct descendent of Josef Mengele, discuss the brain, lungs, kidneys etc of the unborn. Ashamed to be part of the human race

      • Liberals love to think that all lives matter and that they are part of the One Human Family community. Yet the ripping apart and crushing of a developed heart pumping little human fighting for its life during an abortion is just fine. And most even think thats OK right to the day of delivery.
        I once agreed with abortion rights, that is, until I watched a video of a 15 week abortion. That really is a little human being in there that can hear and move/dance to music and react to moms voice. That sure should change anyones opinion.

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