I was a history major. Always loved stories of old.

I frequently traveled. My legal work required such.

I discovered cemeteries a source of history. Especially in old towns and villages. I visited cemeteries for years.

Inscriptions on the stones the key. To a family history or history of a particular time.

Key West has one of the finest cemeteries for taking an historical walk. So much to see and absorb!

The Key West Cemetery is providing tours tomorrow. Ninety minutes each. Reservations required. Call 305-304-1453.

Do yourself a favor and take one of the tours. Then a late breakfast or early lunch at one of Key West’s famous eateries on the water.

Nothing better!

Today the morning after St. Patrick’s Day.

Back when, I was a walker. Early mornings. I was out and about as the sun rose.

One of my favorite walks took me from the Atlantic to the Gulf and back on Duval.

Ain’t no one on the streets at 7 in the morning in Key West.

Duval was always a mess at the end of the evening on St. Patrick’s Day. The next morning Duval was littered. A literal garbage dump.

As I walked, the streets were in the process of being cleaned. Men and machinery. By 9, you would never know how ravished it had been 2 hours earlier.

Leprosy and Key West.

Key West had its share of leprosy in the early 1900’s. A problem. The disease non curable and rampantly spread.

The scenario for anyone dying of leprosy back then was the same. The Citizen’s Key West History Section this morning tells the story of what happened to the deceased’s property.

A man who lived on Virginia Street died in 1909 at his home of the dreaded disease. His house and all its contents were destroyed by fire under the direction of then Fire Chief Fulford.

The Big Tournament is underway! Upsets already.

In the first round yesterday, Final Four contender Kentucky was beaten in overtime by #15 seed St. Peter’s 85-79.

It happens every year.

I wish St. Peter’s well in the balance of the tournament. May they win the next game. It is one game at a time. Actually, I would love to see an ultimate underdog like St. Peter’s go all the way.

Somewhere in my readings this morning, I came across Irving Berlin’s Alexander’s Ragtime Band. One of the catchiest tunes ever composed.

A pop tune, the song gained its greatest popularity in the first two decades of the 20th century. Alexander’s was published in 1911. “Sheet music” was the way songs were sold. The smash hit sold multi million copies.

Alexander’s was made into a movie in 1938. Starred Alice Faye, Tyrone Power, Don Ameche and Ethel Merman. It was the highest grossing film of the 1930’s. Nominated for six Academy Awards.

I have not seen the movie in years. Going to try to find it later today. The music absolutely outstanding!

Today’s Ukraine war observations.

The nations of the world are basically in accord with Biden’s actions re the Ukraine. Not all U.S. Senators, however. They are already being critical of his handling of the war.

The dissidents include Senators Cruz, Kennedy, Risch and Johnson.

Partisanship should not exist in the war like atmosphere as exists today. However the Senators named are partisans and always shall be.

The funny thing is if the war works out in the best interests of the Ukraine and NATO, Biden will receive much of the glory for its success. After Kelenskyy, of course.

The Senators named will be among the first to acknowledge what a great job Biden did. They will also claim credit for having supported Biden during the crisis.

Two faced.

The Kremlin is complaining that Biden’s remarks about Putin amount to “personal insults…..unacceptable and inexcusable.”

Biden has referred to Putin as a “war criminal…..murderous dictator…..a pure thug…..waging an immoral war against the people of the Ukraine.”

The truth always hurts.

The war is 23 days old. Mighty Russia is “stalemated.” Sort of like “The mighty Casey has struck out!”

Every day an increasing number of Russian citizens are protesting Putin and the war. Putin refers to them as “gnats,” “scum,” and “traitors.”

Biden’s telephone conference today with China’s Xi extremely important. China is weighing whether to provide military or financial assistance to Russia.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Even Hunter Biden said it was real, no story there, that was reported back in 2020, but so was the Pizza parlor in NJ, that Republicans claimed Hilary ran a pedophile ring.

    It’s just not like you ‘JusrtSaying’ to post such a “smear” innuendo based on a recent “New York Post” partisan politico rant.

    Shame on you!

    • Wake up Helen, as I have said many times, the real JustSaying is not on the Red Hat side of politics. Don’t be duped like Donald duped America in 2016

      FDJT- Fired Donald J Trump

  2. No, That’s not the real “JS” it’s S*ndy again, using her handle to spread nonsense Republican talking points in an effort to divert attention away from how the GOP has been supporting Putin and Russia’s efforts in Ukraine.

  3. Ain’t no one on the streets at 7 in the morning in Key West.

    I guess I’m a nobody. 🙂

    FDJT- Fired Donald J Trump

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