On this day in 2003, the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory at 1316 Duval Street opened. Still going strong. Even better today.

My first visit was 5 or 6 years later with a very young Robert and Ally. The first of several visits since.

The Conservatory should be a mandatory place to visit along with the Hemingway House, The Little White House and Mel Fisher’s.

The Kelly McGillis Classic International Flag Football Association annual event began with a parade down Duval last night. Today at 8 am, the games begin. The Championship Game 7 pm sunday. The game will be played at the Wickers Field Sports Complex.

The event will close with a dinner monday at the Half Shell Raw Bar.

Thirty teams from several nations will participate. The ages of players ranging from 9 years to seniors.

Big Ku Klux Klan parade in Key West this day in 1923. The Klaners paraded through Key West with their faces covered of course, in full white robe regalia, with a firey cross heading the procession. They also rode through Key West in 18 automobiles. The parade never stopped nor was a word spoken. The vehicles all the same make and their license plates masked.

Secretive. Intended to put the fear of God in all watching.

Who is responsible for closing the pickle ball courts across from Higgs Beach for the month of February? What “genius reason” was behind the decision?

Today’s podcast some 6 years old. Topic: Louis Says Guns Rights Should Go Before The Supreme Court Again.



Tomorrow night Syracuse/North Carolina State. The game 7 pm at the Dome.

Why didn’t “cruel and inhuman treatment” prohibit the execution of Kenneth Eugene Smith in Alabama?

For the first time, nitrogen asphyxia was utilized. A face mask attached five ways was placed over Smith’s face. Nitrogen gas was pumped into it.

It took 22 minutes for Smith to die. Spectators said he “struggled for life” the entire 22 minutes.

Resembles in a fashion the gassing of 6 million Jews in Nazi Germany?

What have we become? Most certainly, more Hitler like every day. By word and deed. Our political leaders adopt Fascist methods more frequently. Always finding some reason to so proceed.

Trump finally testified yesterday in the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial. His testimony lasted less than 5 minutes. Nothing of significance said.

Another heart doctor visit this afternoon. I am being fitted for a monitor. Required to wear it for two weeks.

Polish pierogis tonight at Brady’s Irish Pub.  Bar always crowded friday evenings. Excellent conversations. Carola overseeing things.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Prior to allowing Trump to address the jury yesterday, the judge in his case announced that Trump could not claim he didn’t azzault Jean Caroll, as a jury had already found him guilty of sexual azzault for having forcibly and against her will, forced his fingers up her vagina (the judges actual words) in a public place.

    I remember not that long ago Lou, when one of your trolls (In-EYW, under a different name?) had a running campaign on your blog about how Biden had actually raped that Tara Reade woman because he had done something similar, which was NEVER substantiated or proven, nor did that Tera Reade (or those behind her accusations) bother to formally pursue this, apart from in the press. “In-EYW” was relentless on the subject with several screechy posts trying to smear Biden with insistent rape claims.

    Where is this creep troll now that we have an actual conviction on the same charges, this time by a jury as a result of actual evidence and consideration and not just phony MAGA smears?

  2. I remember that MAGA smear campaign against Biden. I also remember some idiot on Lou’s blog trying to make it sound like the worst thing to ever happen in America.

    Apparently she’s now living in Russia. Must have called in some favors for what was just a dishonest stunt using easily influenced Republican activists created and funded by foreign sources that our corrupt congress didn’t see fit to investigate.

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