Jim Boeheim returns tonight! The nine day suspension over. He will be back coaching the Syracuse basketball team when it plays North Carolina in the Carrier Dome.

I guarantee the Dome will be packed. 25,000 or more. Perhaps 30,000. To welcome back a man every Syracuse fan loves.

Syracuse the underdog against North Carolina.

The bocce league party is tonight, also. A huge event. Fun.

I have to choose. No problem. Not even close. I will be home watching Boeheim and the Syracuse team. I especially want to hear the roar of the crowd when Boeheim is introduced.

As usual, my yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Then a trip home to pick up some papers. I had to get to Lisa’s to babysit Jake and the grandchildren.

Lisa had some minor surgery yesterday. She returned home just after 6 last night. She is well. Still feeling the effects of the knock out drugs this morning.

Lisa went in at 9:30. I did not arrive till after 1. Jake greeted me at the door. Following our usual hellos, he went outside and sat by the gate looking up the street. Looking in the direction from which Robert and Ally would come after school. He sat there till 3:30 never moving.

Robert and Ally were getting ready for their tennis lessons when Lisa returned home. Eyes closed, she moved slowly to bed.

Robert and Ally are taking tennis lessons at 1800 Atlantic. I dropped them off. I could see the tennis set up. The courts have always been there. They have been dressed up.

It was close to 7 when I got home. I had intended to go out. However, I needed a shave and another shower. Too much work. I stayed home, watched a bit of TV and went to sleep early.

I did a bit of rummaging before bed to come up with a topic for this week’s KONK Life column. Nothing yet. Drew a blank. Sometime today, divine inspiration will befall me.

Judge Tegan Slaton died several days ago. His obituary appeared in this morning’s Key West Citizen.

I met the Judge only once. Two yeas ago during the bocce playoffs when our teams were playing each other. I found him to be a humble man. May he rest in peace.

This Oregon thing should be terminated. It should have been put down within 24 hours of having begun. The militants are holding a federal building on federal lands hostage.

The building is located nowhere in a vast wilderness zone. Boise, Idaho 200 miles away is the closest significant city.

When there is a black/ white problem, especially the ones involving a black having been shot by a police officer, the police are out in full force. Full equipment. In most instances, even tanks.

The whites holding the federal building are entitled to the same opposition. Recall the old adage…..What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Are the authorities reluctant to go in because the men in the building are whites? The blacks get billy clubbed and arrested on the streets of America. Yet those who have illegally taken over a federal building are left alone.

I have said it before. I say it again. Trump scares me.

He spoke last night in Rock Hill, South Carolina. A Muslim woman was in the crowd. She was wearing a hijab. Seated in the middle of the audience.

During Trump’s speech, she silently stood up. Said nothing. Never had a chance if she so intended. The news reports I have read indicate the mood of the crowd instantly turned nasty. She was booed. Escorted out.

My concern is that the crowd turned nasty. Trump’s supporters appear very much in tune with his views and attitudes. Especially concerning Muslims.

I have related the Trump campaign so far to Germany in the early 1930s. It now has moved into the mid 1930s when the populace joined Hitler in denouncing the Jews.

Trump is calling the tune. He is the Pied Piper.

Jeb Bush recently said that he was concerned for the Republican Party. Trump was not a true conservative. Bush said Trump had hijacked the party. I worry Trump is hijacking our country.

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “BOEHEIM RETURNS

  1. I agree Trump is a whacko, but the Jews were not chopping heads off, or taping bombs to children and blowing up cafes.
    Muslims need to act or other people will unfortunatley

  2. I saw her picture, shamelessly standing there with a hijacked star of David on her chest. She knew exactly what she was doing and played everyone like a fiddle. I have no sympathy for her. Nope, none at all. For her and the dhimmis (Muslim for useful idiots) that feel bad for her. She is part of the 51% of U.S. Muslims that want Sharia law, not our law. Sixty percent of young Muslims are more loyal to Islam than to U.S. There is no such thing as radical Islam, only Islam. Even when they tell us they commit acts in the name of Islam, we excuse them or refuse to believe them (check out the moronic mayor of Philadelphia).

    We are at war with Islam, yet politicians and liberals won’t admit it. The hell with political correctness. You want to see war on women? Bring on sharia. We are being invaded. With multiple wives, and a high birth rate, these animals will transform this country on every level — none of it for the better.

    Trump doesn’t scare me. What scares me is the refusal of people to admit what is happening around the world and in this country. Islam is an evil ideology. It means submission. It is the antithesis of freedom. Wake up.

  3. Well said Cara. We who are not muslim are not the people to say that Islam is a peaceful religion. That is up to the muslims themselves to do. Until they do so loud and in large numbers, in every city in America and around the world, we are at war with them all.

    You are correct…Wake up America.

    • Thanks. Thought of it. Only problem is someone or somehow I would learn the outcome of the game before watching. Takes all the fun out of it. Last night for example I thought Syracuse had a good shot at winning till 3 minutes were left in the game. I fear I would lose that excitement.

  4. “This Oregon thing should be terminated. It should have been put down within 24 hours of having begun. The militants are holding a federal building on federal lands hostage.”

    I agree but not because they are white or black militants would get more harsher response. Public lands like a refuge, park and BLM belong to ALL of us and for a small handful of disgruntled idiots to take over public property sets a bad precedent for what is left of private property and the Rule of Law.

    Heck, if they get away with it I am moving over to Shenandoah National Park and claim 1000 acres for myself. A new land grab and we best get it why the getting is good.

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