Bocce is back!

Last night was the start of a new season.

We won 2 out of 3 games. Normally, we would be proud. We should have won all 3.

Most of the players on the other team were young and had never played before. One was a 12 year old girl. We won big the first two games. By 10 points plus. The third game we lost. 16-14. Because of the 12 year old girl! She was deadly! Made four impossible shots. Brought us to our knees.

It was hard to believe. I kept thinking…..Here I am 77 years old and a 12 year old novice is taking me and my team to task!

Such is life.

My bocce team has a new name. Don’s Place. Previously, we had played as D & D. Larry Smith’s team was known as Don’s Place. We are having a minor internal bocce war. Don wanted his name back. Larry renamed his team Not Don’s Place.

An example of why Key West is such a fun place to live.

This morning is show time! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten this morning my time. World wide.

It has been a wild week! Man’s foolishness evident all over the place. Such become today’s topics.

I will start with hurricanes and Issac. At this point, I doubt it will be bad. However, the winds are already blowing this morning. The palm trees are starting to bend. And Issac is not expected till Monday morning.

Other topics include types of rape, the basis of Todd Akin’s beliefs regarding rape, some Todd Akin background, Republican inconsistency, a Texas judge warning of a possible civil war if Obama wins, the word hell denying a high school senior her diploma, corporations not only not paying taxes but receiving significant refunds, and an example of why we sometimes live in a sick society. Plus more.

All topics timely and interesting. Certain challenging.

My day yesterday started with a morning haircut with Lori. She spent considerable time trimming my beard. It was getting out of control.

Then ran several quick errands.

The afternoon was spent fine tuning this morning’s show.

Last night was bocce which I have already reported.

A full day.

Enjoy your day!


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