Report on Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. A feast! Lisa outdid herself.

The conversation excellent. Robert and Ally are old enough to participate in everything. We spent quite a while discussing Trump. None of us like him.

Ally is more beautiful every time I see her. I came across a picture of my mother the other day. A photograph she had given my father when they were courting.

A beautiful woman.

Ally looks like her! The high cheekbones and nose the same. I can’t wait to see Lisa’s expression when I show it to her.

Bisexuality has the capacity to involve humans, animals and other forms of life. Not always practiced in the same fashion.

Great white sharks. The males. Bisexual. Not as we understand bisexuality.

When a white male reaches a certain size, he may become a female. It just happens! Not with all. Where it does occur, nature takes its course and the male’s body transforms to that of a female.

Great whites are a diminishing breed. Scientists believe that is why the transformation takes place. The sex switch ensures survival by allowing the largest, most experienced sharks to give birth to young.

King Tides a growing problem. Many areas of Key Largo flooded.

King Tides result when the moon’s gravitational pull causes tides to be higher than usual.

Key Largo is in its 81st day under increased water levels. Whole streets flooded. Some sufficiently that cars cannot traverse. Others left in driveways because owners believe the salt war will corrode the underside.

Average tide levels are up this year all the way down the keys.  The average King Tides street levels in Key Largo for example in recent weeks were as high as 18 inches. Today, 8-9 inches. Those levels in front of homes.

Climate the problem. Too much carbon dioxide in the air.

Exceptional heat another problem resulting from climate change. Temperatures increasing every year. Soon may be too much to handle. Heat stroke sets in when the body can no longer cools itself, stops sweating.

Phoenix a right on example.

Last year 155 died as a result of heat strokes. Authorities have labeled what is happening as a “public health crisis.” The State of Arizona is working on how to deal with the problem.

Preparation comparable to that which Key West undergoes for an anticipated hurricane. Preparation for extreme heat.

An example of what happens when a person is affected by heat stroke. A 14 year old Phoenix boy was mountain climbing. The heat got to him. He collapsed from a heat stroke.

When he arrived at the hospital, his body temperature  was 108 degrees. The hospital buried his body in ice. The hospital also removed his blood by machine, cooled it, and then returned it to his body.

Heat stroke nothing to screw around with!

It is unfortunate Trump does not take climate change seriously.

A little road rage in the lower keys this week.

A 32 year old Big Pine man the aggressor. The victim a 63 year old male Hollywood resident.

The 32 year old was tailgating close and then getting closely in front of the 63 year old man’s car.

The 63 year old pulled into No Name Pub. The aggressor followed him. A fight ensued. The 32 year old broke the 63 year old’s leg. He had to be flown to Miami where he underwent surgery.

The 32 year old was arrested.

No other facts available.

A Teacher of the Year was arrested for having sex with 2 teen age male students separately in October.

When I was a young practicing attorney and did some criminal work, school teachers having sex with students always involved the male teacher as the perpetrator. I cannot recall handling or hearing of a case where a female teacher was involved.

The story not the same today. Most teacher/student sex cases appear to involve a female teacher.

Randi Chaverria is a 36 year old Texas high school teacher. She has admitted to having sex in a classroom in October with 2 different boys. Each a separate event involving one of the young men.

Ironically, the teacher was selected as the School District’s Teacher of the Year in May.

Three Trump mentionables.

Trump spent Thanksgiving in Afghanistan with the troops. Well done!

He announced the Taliban wanted “to talk” again. He said a meeting would be held soon to resolve the differences between the 2 countries.

It has been 24 hours since Trump made the Taliban statement. No word yet from the Taliban as to whether Trump represented truly what is going on.

One of Trump’s talents is he knows how to make friends and influence people. He leaves monday for a NATO conference in London. He announced yesterday he was cutting the U.S.’s contribution to the NATO General Fund by 6 percent. Down from 22 percent.

It is anticipated Germany will pick up the 6 percent.

Trump can’t help it. He is telling other world leaders in advance the tough guy is coming, don’t screw with me. London will be Dodge City for a few days.

When Trump plays these games, I wonder what would happen if the U.S. were attacked. Would our NATO allies stand with us? Have 70 years of mutual trust and cooperation gone down the tubes?

The Kurds and northern Syria my final Trump observation.

Trump deserted the Kurds. The troops he sent back in to protect the oil are doing just that. Not helping the Kurds against the Turkish onslaught.

It was reported yesterday that Kurd hospitals and medical centers caring and housing the wounded are under attack by the Turks. Especially by air. The videos on TV horrific.

Our Kurd friends are being decimated by the Turks all because of Trump. No one can argue the point. Trump opened the door and gave the Turks the ok to go into the north. The next day Trump announced the withdrawal of all U.S. forces.

It is said God helps those who help themselves. Syracuse did not help itself wednesday night in its game against Oklahoma State. No help was coming from the Almighty either. Syracuse lost 86-72.

I sense an erratic basketball season ahead.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou,

    Can you please keep us up to date as to when property prices begin to plummet in Key West, (due to the rising seas). I know many who have dreamed of owning a home there but couldn’t afford it.

  2. If you have enough jingle to pay for one these absurdly priced dinky old Key West houses, you probably are not concerned with the future.

    • So the wealthy people who were investing in the past, at top dollar, were very smart? Is that what you are saying? Did they invest then knowing they could sell to the not so smart climate deniers would buy in anyhow?

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