“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” Words spoken by Alexander the Great. He should know.

I perceive Trump as a lion and his followers sheep. Causes me concern. Even after being out of office for 2 years, look at the havoc he has wrought.

Which brings me to the election in less than 3 weeks. Important! Perhaps the most important since Lincoln’s election. Democrats must sweep both Houses. Otherwise democracy will be on a decided path. Swept away!

Bess Levin’s recent description of Donald Trump: “Trump charged the Secret Service five times the going rate to stay at his properties, like the con artist he is.” Calling a former U.S. President a “con artist.” Only one thing can be said: If the shoe fits, wear it!

My SU fanaticism is well known. I bleed orange.

Tomorrow is the big game. Biggest yet of the season for Syracuse. Against Clemson. Both teams undefeated. Clemson ranked #5, Syracuse #14. Clemson heavily favored by 2 touchdowns.

I am hearing from everyone wishing my team well. Even 2 messages from Greece. Many thanks.

My Syracuse and Utica friends tell me excitement is high in upstate NY.

I listened to Coach Babers in an interview this morning. He knows it’s a big game. His comment: The team is ready.

He said this was the third time he has led a team into what he described as “Death Valley.” Big game/away from home. He lost the first two. Again, his only comment was his team is ready.

Going to be one hell of a game!

Thought it was winter yesterday morning.

The cleaning lady arrived at 9. Dressed for winter. I stepped out onto the porch. It was cold!!!

Cold during the night last night. Needed heat. No heat. System down. Still trying to reach property manager so he can get it fixed today. I am wearing a sweat shirt as I write this morning.

Weather will turn during the day. High expected to be 77. In the lows 80’s for the next week thereafter.

Haircut with Lori yesterday. We reminisced about the Casa Marina. She recalled. It was her first year in Key West 1998. Her first job in Key West. The same year for my first haircut with her.

A federal jury in Manhattan found actor Kevin Spacey not liable for battery in a civil suit yesterday. The case involved a lawsuit charging Spacey with climbing on top of a 14 year old actor and making sexual advances. The event occurred in 1986. The only sexual contact testified to during the trial was a light brushing by Spacey over the 14 year old’s  clothed butt.

Spacey was 26 at the time. The 14 year old an actor.

The suit was not filed till 2017. Spacey experienced a career blowback as a result.

The jury was out 1 and 1/2 hours. My experience as a trial lawyer is anytime a jury returns that quickly they were either very impressed or not impressed at all with the case.

Travel has become difficult in recent years. Especially airline travel.

It may be goodbye to plane, train and auto travel. Limited the better projection. Luxury buses may have an impact in the travel industry. New bus companies are providing buses that are attractive, comfortable and cheaper. Sleepers involved.

Reviewed some pictures on the internet . Impressive! They are meant to feel “like a private jet experience.”

Chad Scarborough is the founder and CEO of JET. A new bus company with all the frills.

Time will tell if the new bus game takes hold.

Thanksgiving one month away. Order your turkey now. Word is they will be hard to find and more expensive. More expensive means twice last year’s price.

Blame three fold: Avian flu, inflation, and supply chain challenge.

The crowd for Fantasy Fest will begin arriving tonight. Goombay. The “action seeking” crowd will arrive wednesday and thursday. Fantasy Fest is best at the end of the week on thursday, friday and saturday.

Enjoy your day!


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