Today is May 1st.

As the year moves swiftly, so too do the days of my life. Another birthday around the corner. Eighty three.

Nothing I can do about it.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon preparing for tonight’s podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Tons of topics. Even without Trump, so many to discuss. I was selective. The program tonight should be interesting.

Join me for an exciting quick moving half hour tonight at 9. You will enjoy.

I have been doing a live video on Facebook. Try daily. Miss one or two times a week.

The video is short and to the point. Yesterday’s done late in the afternoon: Netanayhu A Warmonger. Look for it on Key West Lou Live.

Early evening found me at Aqua. For Dueling Bartenders. My monday evening favorite.

Tom Luna and Rick Dery headlining. Guest performer Laura Richardson. First time we met. A great voice. Singing is for fun. Her avocation the Salt Art Gallery on Fleming which she owns.

Laura just finished her first year in the art business. Quite excited. She paid her bills, met payroll, and made a few dollars. A good start!

Judy and her son Steve were seated next to me. Judy from Ohio. I asked her about John Kasich. She did not like him when first elected. Now her enthusiasm for him overflowing. A good man, a good Governor.

I shared with her my thought he might make an excellent candidate for President in 2020 as an independent. She understood Kasich had broken with Trump before the Republican Convention which Kasich did not attend.

I consider Kasich a class act.

Lovely Liz with friend Josefina came in. Liz beautiful, as always. A new hairdo. Striking!

Good friend Joseph Lyles arrived with Linda. Joseph the best! Concierge now at The Reach. Loves the job.

Stopped at Tavern ‘n Town on the way home for a bite to eat. George bartending. Good company.

I am excited! Irma and Me on the shelf at the Key West Library. Enjoy reading it for nothing.

Book writing a learning process. Took 3 months before the Library accepted the book. Some one actually had to read it. My book went to the bottom of the pile and had to work its way up.

The speed limit for most Key West residential streets has been reduced. From 25 mph to 20 mph. I do not understand what the 5 mile difference accomplishes.

People speed in Key West. Not everyone. Most. If 25 mph was not working, why will 20?

Learned something re when police will stop/ticket you in Key West. A driver is pulled over for 5 mph over the limit. Does not necessarily mean a ticket. A ticket guaranteed if speed exceeds 9 mph.

The Big Pine Key fire finally out. A bush fire that moved rapidly and was difficult to contain. Took 7 days to totally extinguish. Fire personnel from all over working the blaze.

The weather helped. Friday 1.7 inches of rain. Did a number on the fire, though did not totally extinguish it. Hot spots remained which were resolved over the weekend. Mitigation operations continued over the weekend.

A great fire team. No lives lost. Property damage extremely little.

A Trump perversity in the works. He wants the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts with North Korea. What a joke! He brought us to the brink of a nuclear war!

Trump thinks his in your face threats to other leaders scares them into submission. Perhaps. It won’t work all  the time, however. It only takes one crazy leader at the other end who will not bend. Then, war!

South Korea President Moon Jae-in is responsible for the talks now ongoing. He went to North Korea to talk with Kim Jung-Un and arrange for the two Koreas to share certain Olympic activities. Moon is the one who has already met with Jun-Un and gained certain concessions.

The word is Trump has asked Moon to give him credit for creating the environment for the talks.

Respectfully, the man is a scum bag.

Enjoy your day!

7 comments on “MAY 1 ALREADY

  1. Can you imagine a world where a possibility of a man being nominated, or receiving the Nobel PEACE prize for creating peace facilitated by overtly threatening total annihilation? We live in VERY strange times.

  2. Happy Early birthday Lou. You are nothing but a hateful old fool. Oh wait, Obama, the savior did us very well in his dealings w North Korea. Yup, and he did even better w his dealing w Iran, sending over billions in cash so they can build and send an ICBM to the US. Tough talk, if it beats a war is far better than ignoring.

    I was not a trump supporter, but the resist movement has made me a strong supporter. It is the left that is tearing down this country.

    • ” It is the left that is tearing down this country”
      Not even close, and resistance always does a democracy good.

      • I have to agree with the statement about the ‘left’, knowing we are the minority here.

        Resistance can be good, but, the ‘left’ didn’t think much of the resistance from the right during the last administration.

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