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A wild afternoon in Key West yesterday. A scary one. An anthrax scare.

The place was the main Post Office. A letter to Key West postal authorities said there was anthrax in the envelope. A white powdery substance was observed.

The authorities were immediately called. Police, fire and federal people. Properly described as…..the hazardous material team.

Everyone appeared trained and knew what to do. The reaction was prompt to this first time Key West danger.

All this began around one in the afternoon. It was reported there were 15-25 people in the building at the time. Employees and customers.

Following is what I have been told by several sources. The media as yet has not covered this aspect of the situation. The decontamination of the humans involved.

Those in the building were taken outside. They were required to disrobe. Small plastic swimming pools, the kind kids use, were strewn on the lawn. They were told to  stand inside and then were hosed down. What happened with their clothes, I do not know. Some peoplewere  taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

The entire clean up took four hours.

Preliminary tests of the purported anthrax suggest the white powder was not anthrax and was a hoax. Let us hope that is the final determination. The authorities have already determined that the envelope was sent from a confined Maryland prisoner. Not his first rodeo. He did the same thing once before.

Yesterday’s TV/internet show was fun. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. For whatever reason, I especially enjoyed doing yesterday’s show. At the end, I felt like I had gone 4 for 4 at the plate.

Post show comments indicated everyone liked a bit of this and a bit of that. No one issue particularly stood out.

It was me and Krystal alone doing the show. Jenna was having her hair done. We did it! No problems.

Anna has been my housekeeper for 8 years.

Anna came over from Poland many years ago. Works hard. She is living the American dream. Her own home and car. Money in the bank. A one month trip every other year to Poland.  With husband and children. To complete the scene, she is on her second or third husband.

Anna brought me a bag of fresh tomatoes yesterday. It was obvious they were not store bought. Nor from any farm in the Keys where there is no room for farming. She said they were from the Florida City or Homestead area. Made sense. They sit on Florida proper as the last two cities before persons enter the Keys.

Home grown/farm grown are not like the ones you buy in Publix. No shine to them. These were Mother Nature’s natural offspring. Dull colored with a dark line here and there.

I look forward to tasting one today.

I was tired tired in the afternoon. It had been a busy week for me. I climbed in bed and slept for three hours.

Spent some time at the Chart Room last night. Everyone there. Peter, Che, Frankie. David, Sheila and Jean. Also, Mike. From Michigan I recalled. We met last year. He was down this year with 9 other high school buddies. They were celebrating their 50th birthdays. Mike and I talked about Michigan basketball. Actually the events of the Final Four. Mike was not happy Michigan lost to Louisville. He was convinced Michigan would win it all next year.

I intended to meet Don and Chris at the Chart Room. My Syracuse friends texted me earlier in the week that they would be in Key West friday night. If they are in Key West, you can be sure they will be at the Chart Room.

Not last night. I got stood up. They went first to Seven Fish for dinner. They texted Emily they would be over soon and I should wait. I said tell them no. My feelings were hurt! Not really. It was just that I had been drinking for two hours and needed to eat. Soon!

I started my drive home. Stopped at Tavern ‘n Town and enjoyed a steak at the bar.

Key West’s popularity is amazing. Every one wants to visit or actually become a Key Wester. I can understand. When I was in Greece last summer, every one wanted to be an American. So it is.

Utica is my home town. Last night a Key West party was held in Utica. It was called Key West Fest. At the Holiday Inn on Burrstone Road. The party was sponsored by radio station 92.7 FM The DRIVE.

They ate and drank Key West style. Key West music in the background. A temperature of 34 degrees outside. The party was held to warm every one up.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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