Anocracy. A word you will hear more of as time goes on. It will replace authoritarianism.

Authoritarianism is exemplified by Hitler rolling tanks into Poland, the Russians into Hungary, and what Putin is attempting today with the Ukraine.

Anocracy are groups developing within a society with differing opinions  as to how and what the government should be. The U.S. previously has experienced anocracism. The Civil War which began in 1861. The South pro slavery, the North not so.

Barbara R. Walter is a respected political scientist who is concerned with the the U.S.’ rapid drift into anocracy. She wrote an interesting Opinion piece in the Washington Post 1/24 on the subject.

Walter began with recognizing today’s United States is divided into two groups.

One being what I see as revolutionaries who seek in their mind a better way. The QAnons being one. They believe U.S. must change government wise. The present structure rotting at its base.

Trump did not help. During the 2016 campaign, he mouthed words the anti’s wanted to hear. The government is falling apart, we must do something about it, etc.

On the other side are groups such as Black Lives Matter. They do not want a new government. They want to make changes in the government’s present form to improve life for persons of color and the poor.

Interestingly, the black/white divide is the base upon which all else stands in the revolutionary period we are entering. Recall slavery was the essence of the Civil War. Slaves were money to the South. The South would not give up their right to own slaves without a fight.

Whites recognize they are a diminishing group. Very shortly persons of color will clearly outnumber whites.

Such would mean a loss of power and influence politically and personally. Also the danger of what goes around, comes around. Whites fear they would be treated by persons of color as they have been treated by whites for the past two hundred years.

Imagine how whites in Texas would react if persons of color were in political control and outnumbered the whites. Those of color could pass legislation affecting white voting as the whites have recently done to those of color. Whites see it coming. Fear it. Fight it with laws adverse to those of colored persons today.

An increasing number of political scientists recognize the threat of war as anocracy increases, with the result of another civil war occurring.

Threat to the U.S. comes from within. Not the outside.

An anocracy is loosely defined as part democracy and part dictatorship. Again, the U.S. is trending that way. Evidenced by citizens organizing themselves into rival factions.

Walter wrote a civil war could be inevitable: “The cause is the Republican Party’s blatant attempt throughout the nation to promote racist authoritarianism by disenfranchising voters of color. The over revealing goal at both the state and federal levels is government by minority rule.”

The U.S. has been trending towards autocracy for many years. The direction has been reset. Changed. It is now trending towards anocracy.

Congress is another reason for the change in path. So obvious and familiar have Congress’ misdeeds been, no further explanation is required.

A problem is the mindset of the American people. Regardless of the side, most continue to view the U.S. as the “city on a hill.” They fail to recognize the U.S. has changed, become different.

The U.S. is in a “political tailspin.” Walter recognizes that “when a country moves into the anocracy zone, the risk of violence reaches its peak.”

Violence has already begun.

The U.S. has become “complacent.” Walters finds it “troubling.” In modern history, many of those involved in civil wars did not see the “war coming…..were surprised when it did.

Walters’ conclusion is on the money. The U.S. is being led into a “downward spiral of fear – and then a grab of power by force.”

Much to think about here.

Enjoy your day!

7 comments on “ANOCRACY

  1. if you’re tired of watching garbage on MSNBC, go over to FOX News where they are singing the praises of comrade Vladimir Putin. Nowadays Tucker and his right wing viewers are loving the commies and their dictator leader for life and he’s got nothing to say but great things about him and Soviet Russia.

    • Yeah, what’s that all about?

      Suddenly theses commie ba*tards are the good guys? Man o man, pretty soon they’re going to try and claim that Republlcans are the part of the working man.

  2. It does not matter too much how the state of “cold war” politics play out, the fact is there is no chance to going back the way it was.

  3. It does not matter too much how the current state of “cold war” politics play out, the fact is, there is no chance we will go back to the way it once was.

  4. Hi Lou,
    I read you most every day. You always hit the nail in the head. Autocricy! You and Walters have given it a name.Like you, I also am “of an age” to hopefully not see how this turns out.
    The lunatics are running the funny farm!
    Best wishes,
    Dot Downs

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