Her name is Angelica Harris. Age 35. She needs a life saving donor kidney.

Angelica was born in the Philippines. Met a U.S. service man stationed there in 2012. They fell in love and in 2014 married.

Her husband eventually was stationed in Key West. They moved to Key West April 19, 2020.

She worked at a Key West resort a short time till the Pandemic hit. She was furloughed, then laid off.

Along the way she became a U.S. citizen and completed her Masters in Business Administration.

She and her husband continue to reside in Key West.

Angelica was having difficulty getting pregnant. She and her husband went to Miami to see a reproductive specialist. Lab work was done.

Her creatine level was 3.14. Normal range 0.50-1.10 mg/dl. She was retested. Her creatine levels remained high.

In April, Angelica was referred to a nephrologist. More tests done. The results scary. Her kidneys were only functioning at 16 percent. She was told she had less then 5 years before she would have to go on dialysis.

Angelica diagnosis stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

A preemptive kidney transplant was recommended.

Her stress level building during this time.

In July, Angelica completed her kidney pre-transplant evaluation.

In August, she was approved for a kidney transplant at Cleveland Clinic Florida. At that time she was listed on the United Network for Organ Sharing waiting list. Angelica was told at the time locating a kidney donor to meet her requirements could take up to 5 years.

The next month was September. Angelica was blessed. She had matched with a living donor in California. The donor went through all donation processes and interviews.

The donor was denied because of a urinary tract infection history.

Hope springs eternal. Angelica has faith. However, she is not waiting for another donor to pop up on the list. In addition to the posting, she is also out there seeking a donor on her own.

Social media the vehicle. Facebook and Instagram. Her Facebook site is Kidney for Angelica. Instagram (@kidneyforangelica).

The Key West Weekly on 10/22/20 wrote an article about Angelica and her search. I discovered it yesterday on a month old copy which I came upon by chance. I e-mailed Angelica and asked permission to write her story. She agreed. I will also be talking about her tonight on Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Angelica’s mission in seeking a donor kidney is threefold. She wants to live a long and healthy life, she wishes to avoid dialysis, and she wants to become a mother.

May God grant all of her three wishes.

I had to leave the house yesterday for more blood work.

Interestingly, the first doctor thought one of my kidneys had failed. He referred me to my second doctor, a nephrologist. Kidney good. The doctor discovered a parathyroid tumor instead.

Can’t win.

Now I am in the hands of a third doctor in Tampa. He has all the medical records We consult by phone and email. He recommends surgery. I am not in a hurry.

I had surgery by the same Tampa doctor 15 years ago. He removed 2 parathyroid tumors.

We have talked at length. I shared with him my coronavirus self quarantine. Today is my 294th day. My concern is I have basically remained confined to home other than medical visits.

I told the Tampa specialist if I went for surgery now, I would have an excellent chance of picking up the virus traveling to Tampa and teh time involved with the surgery, hotel, etc. He understood. Thought there would be no problem waiting till the spring or early summer.

Final decision not made yet.The blood work yesterday will aid in making the decision.

Since I was downtown for the blood work, I drove Duval again to see how many people, wearing masks, etc.

My previous trips down Duval in the past 2 months evidenced few people and bars and restaurants poorly attended.

It changed yesterday. Crowd 60-70 percent of what it normally would be. Masks are street mandated. I counted the number failing to wear masks. Twenty nine. Not bad considering the sidewalks were well occupied.

It was lunchtime. Fogarty’s and Caroline’s filled. People waiting. The bars appeared active. Even Sloppy Joe’s was open.

The crowd is because it is Thanksgiving week. There will be more as the week progresses.

I noted also the traffic on U.S. 1 coming into Key West was busy. Whereas the north lane sparse.

I am glad for the bars and restaurants that their business will be good this week. On the other hand, I am irritated all these people are coming to visit. They bring the coronavirus with them. Infect our people. Key West has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the Keys as well as the highest positivity rate.

I support a shutdown for a specified period throughout the whole country. We are never going to overcome the virus otherwise. The vaccine is still months off. Thousands will be infected. Many will die.

The city of Washington, D.C. has recommended no more than 10 persons in a house partying/sharing dinner for the holiday. Not sure if mandatory.

It was announced this morning Trump is planning several large parties at the White House over the Christmas season. The man does not understand! He brings large crowds in and a good number get sick. Some return home and get their neighbors sick.

Tuesday means my blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A quick moving half hour where I rave and rant about this and that.

The show guaranteed to be interesting and exciting. Can’t miss. Not with all that is going on in the U.S.

Enjoy your day!










  1. Lou, maybe with Trump in demise, the “up-yours” nonsense will also demise, at least a little and at least on Duval Street?

  2. Be glad your in KW. New York which is behind Florida in population has twice the number of deaths from covert and it’s governor got an award from Hollywood.

    • Sandy is an insistent pest and constant troll on Lou’s blog, frequently insulting Lou directly. He lies about everything and cannot be trusted with facts or his blowhard predictions. He has even admitted to posting here just to rile people up and start fights. Apparently he has nothing better to do with his life, pathetic.

  3. Sandy is a pest. Ok, we got it. Now that you’ve again posted your canned response to Sandy, perhaps, instead, you can address his point–what state has the most Covid deaths? Florida or New York?

    • How would anyone know? Places like Florida do not report Covid deaths, per the wishes of Trump (more testing would make the numbers go up) and other area report deaths in other ways. There is no standard.

      May I ask why you would as that on Lou’s Blog, is this some sort of survey Lou tasked you with?

      BTW – How many deaths did NYS incur before Florida even had their first case?

      • Okay this one crosses the line. If you are going to say that Florida doesn’t report COVID deaths (they do) because Trump doesn’t want them to (what?), then you need to back up that claim with facts. Not your wild claims, but actual facts. Show us some proof that Florida doesn’t report COVID deaths because Trump doesn’t want them to. Waiting…….

  4. population of NY state 19,453,561 c-deaths 34,319

    population of Fl. 21,477,737 c-deaths 17,991

    From the troll who “He lies about everything and cannot be trusted ” 34: 17 is about 2:1. One other truth is NY has Democratic Gov. and Florida has a Republican Gov.

    • Several Florida news sources, including the Tampa Bay times as early as April 29th, were reporting that “State officials have stopped releasing the list of corona+virus deaths being compiled by Florida’s medical examiners.” Trusting Florida on this issue would be like trusting Trump with voter fraud information, or Rudy on the time of day. Using that data on Lou’s blog to make a point that no one cares about and Lou never brought up, is even more ridiculous and is the perfect example of outright and incendiary trolling.

      • I live in Florida and subscribe to the Daytona News Journal along with several other Florida publications. I can say absolutely that Florida counts and releases COVID data to the public every single day. Not just Florida deaths (now slightly more than 18 thousand), but also hospitalizations and positive tests. To claim otherwise is just plain BS.

        • Not what the Florida press believes to be true and accurate, not the national press either. You probably believed that the Virus was just a Hoax the Democrats mad up to criticize Trump, as well too, eh? DeSantis has been caught in so many lies that the national press some times refers to him as Rudy DeSantis. You can’t pick up just about ANY legitimate paper here in south Florida without reading some report about him lying about Covid in one way or another. Who are you trying to kid?

        • No one is saying that Florida isn’t reporting Covid stats, the issue is, are they ALL the facts or the correct data. The Daytona News Journal itself has reported multiple times directly about this issue of DeSantis’ administration manipulating coronavirus data as far back as 19 May, that any one can Google. They also reported, like everybody else about how that Florida Health Department data manager was fired for refusing to manipulate Covid 19 data. This is a hot issue in Florida and not something that should be brushed off with a clever denial post or spun just because it undermines your political denial narrative.

          • Today’s Florida numbers:
            953k positive tests (up 8555 from yesterday)
            18,152 deaths (up 72 from yesterday)

            Do you have different statistics? Please share.

            So the belief here is that Florida’s numbers are being manipulated by the Republicans because…….Ummm. Because….why again? Is there some sort of financial reward or political payoff for having lower COVID cases than NY, or Rhode Island, or North Dakota? If you really believe reporting cases to the CDC is some sort of giant game or conspiracy, then I”d like to talk to you about some rather damp Florida land I have for sale.

            • Manipulated for any number of reasons, but chiefly because Trump demands it and DeSantis is owned by trump. Why is that so hard to understand when Florida officials openly admit to many cases of doing so and have been caught out on may others too. Your denial of this reality is as incredible as it is wrong..

              • Again. What’s the point? Who benefits and how do they benefit? If it’s worth conspiring to lie to the CDC, then their must be a really good payoff down the line. Believe me, Florida’s bean counters can make plenty of mistakes all on their own, without further direction from the Governor and the President.

                • Irrelevant question, who knows exactly why Trump wanted to pazz this virus off as an unimportant hoax, never taking it seriously. What ever the reason, he has worked very hard at it and steamrolled anybody and everybody who gets in his way on this subject, smearing and never helping anyone who tries to manage or control the crisis (like Cuomo).

    • The truth is Florida’s infection and deaths rates would and should be almost nothing, had they recognized the problem and done something about it, having seen what New Your and other places had to go through ahead of that virus making it’s way to Florida, in the first place. Florida’s shameful handling of this crisis is what should be discussed and condemned, not New Your State’s handling of their crisis when it first hit.

      • On Nov. 17,2020 from the this blog “You have to give New York’s Governor Cuomo credit. Recall when New York was the worst of the worst. I did not believe anyone could bring the numbers down.”

        Cuomo did. He was hard and deliberate. He deserves credit.
        The fine for no mask is in NY is $ 10,000 and their tourist is but a drip,drip.

        “As with the rest of the country, New York’s numbers are creeping up. Not badly when compared to other States. Cuomo refuses to let them get out of hand.” In today blog you want us to look at Florida’s SHAMEFULL handling of the China bug.”

        I am just pointing Lou has praised NY official’s
        for handling the CHINA bug, killing twice as many folks as in Florida, then Lou should be twice thanking the State of Florida and Key West official’s for their handling of the CHINA BUG as only 1/2 number here have died. AND if we are condemn any elected official we should condemn the officials where it started–CHINA

      • Did you spend even a moment thinking about this? Do you know what Florida has that New York does not? How about 660 miles of beaches, warm weather all year, and some of the best seafood and party bars to be found anywhere. While NY was shutting down, where do you suppose all the party people wanted to go? Florida also has more retirement homes and nursing homes than any other state (petri dishes?) I’ll give you the keys to Florida, Governor. You figure out how to bottle all that up and keep COVID out of the state.

        • and look what it cost them, some of the highest rates of infection and deaths in the world. There isn’t a place i this country that isn’t shaking their head at the irresponsibility and craziestness knows as Florida.

          • Right. Everyone here is infected. And many are also nuts. Florida is a wacky and weird place. Don’t come to Florida. PLEASE don’t come to Florida!!!!!!!

            • You just don’t grasp any kind of reality do you? You only seen interested in arguing so to create confusion and more arguments. No wonder everybody makes fun of you on this blog. Weird.

  5. Sandy is a nasty troll who misrepresents everything he doesn’t outright lie about. He is also an invasive cancer when it come to invading Lou’s blog with useless information only intended to try and create chaos and political divisions. The number of Covid deaths in NYS compared to Florida is irrelevant to anything Lou is posting and only something Comrade Sandy thinks is worth twisting and stuffing into someone elses blog.

  6. Sandy, your disingenuous post NOW to what Lou posted over a week ago is nothing but a rehash of what was discussed and debunked back then. You now troll this same issue ONLY because you have a particularly poor ability to understand or respect anything you don’t like.

    On November 17th, Lou said that “You have to give New York’s Governor Cuomo credit. Recall when New York was the worst of the worst.” Lou went on to say he didn’t think Cuomo could bring those numbers down, Cuomo did and Lou said that he deserved credit for that. Lou goes on then and since to criticize DeSantis by comparison, for basically doing little or nothing to curb or reduce what most experts are calling Florida’s pandemic as ‘out of control.’ Case in point where DeSantis lifted all restrictions on the very same day that the crisis in Florida reached another all time high. Since then Florida has even gotten worse.

    Your continuing effort to diminish Lou’s truths with twisted half facts and dishonest posts with your slippery spin are disgusting. New York was hit hard very early on by this Covid virus, in a strain that experts said came from Italy, not China, your favorite villain. It was a time when no one was prepared and no one knew what to do. Cuomo acted responsibly and effectively, while the president and his regime did not, brushing it off for months as a hoax. As a result, the virus spread exponentially across this country even to Florida, where they had time to prepair and unlike New York, help from a friendly federal government and the benefit of a gained knowledge, absent at the beginning in NY. Florida, unlike much of the rest of the country, did little to prepare or protect itself and suffered needlessly, as a result.

    Lou was right, Cuomo deserves some credit and DeSantis deserves everybody’s criticism.

    Your efforts are high school childish, unnecessary and disgusting. They serve no purpose whatsoever, apart from further exposing your comprehension issues and your need to act out on this blog like an azzhole you seem to relish in being.

  7. Recently heard opinion that people who debate on bloggers comment pages are losers.
    Guess that would apply to many here- and now ME

      • Yes. Me. I have the same opinion. I participate here because the heavily partisan comments, along with insults and name-calling, are always a reminder of how people can become so lacking in reason and common sense.

  8. MAGA you Mother Fukers – just because I post dosn’t mean I’m heavily partisan, I speak the truth when I post. Don’t try and shut me down just because I tell the truth.

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