Still here! Alive and kicking!

Let’s not forget thrilled!

Simply stated, woke 2:30 in the morning with severe chest pains. I have had some over the years. A few heart problems at this stage of my life. Pain the worse this time!

Being stupid, I lay there saying to myself the pain would go away, it was nothing. Took about 3 hours to totally subside.

Called m primary and heart doctors. Pain on wrong side of my chest to be my heart. Maybe an embolism. Whatever, get to the emergency room.

Spent 7 hours being tested. Could find nothing.

Interestingly, from the moment I arrived at the hospital I felt absolutely fine! So it goes.

There will be more tests this week. The cross the elderly bear.

Time to join the world of the living. Dueling Bartenders and La Trattoria tonight.

I thank all who communicated with me in one fashion or another for their concern and well wishes. In a time of stress, they mean a lot.

One more item of concern. Syracuse got beat 58-27 by Boston College saturday. Caused me more pain than the pain in my chest!

My lesbian wives Donna and Terri are celebrating their 11th Anniversary today! God bless them both! Love them!

They were married on the stage of the theater in New York City where Terri was appearing in Chicago as Matron Moma Morton.

I was supposed to be there. Never made it. Instead I was on an operating table at the hospital in Key West having 25 percent of my colon removed. The surgeon thought I had cancer. I did not. The problem was a ruptured appendix.

I keep thinking I am going to need that 25 percent some day.

A few days ago, I wrote re iguanas. It was the opening to the blog of that day. Titled “Iguana Genocide.”

I strongly recommended they be killed! Reasons set forth clearly and distinctly.

I assumed those not living with iguanas would write and say how cruel, so beautiful, how could you, etc. Not one such message.

Saturday’s Key West Citizen carried a front page article concerning iguanas. The lead story.  “Invasive Iguanas.” A picture of an iguana wrapped around a power line.

The thrust of the Citizen’s story was similar to mine. Get rid of them!

I was glad for once that someone thought along my lines. The Citizen described them as “one of the Florida Keys biggest nuisance animals.”

The Citizen story dwelled primarily on the damage iguanas are doing to utilities. They have bonded with electrical substations. Love transformers. Causing major outages.

The Keys are the only part of Florida bothered by iguanas. The utilities in the rest of the state have a similar problem. However, caused by another culprit. Squirrels.

The Keys local utility company has entered into a contract with Greenjacket Inc. To provide and install animal guards around the transformers. Cost $91,600.

Trust me, it will not be the end of our iguana problems. In the final analysis, it will cost even more to deal with the problem with no adequate result.

Local governments and the state are to blame. They let the iguanas hang around some 20 years before deciding to do something about them.

I compare the iguana problem to Florida’s python one. The state waited too long. Now over 1 million pythons in Florida. The number growing. The state conceding it cannot eradicate the python population. Rather, the hope is to control it.

HAyward MCkee (his name is so written) became a friend during Irma. He was one Irma’s escapees that ended up at Jean and Joe Thornton’s home in Birmingham.

I see him occasionally in Key West. A rather serious person. Not so if what I am about to share is any indication.

A HAyward comment appeared in this morning’s Facebook.

“My girlfriend invited me to her house where I found her sister alone. So I sat there waiting for my girlfriend while her unbelievable sexy sister was sitting there with me. A few moments go by, then she comes up next to me, and whispers in my ear ‘we should have sex before my sister comes home.’ I immediately got up and turned around to walk to my car. I found my girlfriend standing by the door, at which point she hugged me and said ‘you’ve won my trust.’ Moral to the story, always keep your condoms in your car.”

Some El Presidente stories.

The California fires have gone wild again in the past two weeks. Trump claimed for the second time yesterday that the fires are caused by California not “sweeping” its forest floors.

The message was directed to California’s Governor Newson who is a political foe of Trump.

Trump also claimed a “terrible job of forest management” was being done.

As with the last wildfires several months ago, Trump asserted California should do as Finland does and “rake” and clean its forests.

He said he was going to cut off federal funding that normally would be provided to help California with recovery.

Typical of Trump pronouncements, he was wrong with the Finland comparison. Typical. He knows not that of which he speaks.

Professor Leskinen is a woodlands expert among other things.

The Professor said he did not know what Trump meant by “raking” and “sweeping.” He suspected Trump misunderstood when he spoke with one of his Finnish counterparts several months ago.

The Professor went on to emphasis there is a difference between Finnish forests and California ones.

Finnish forests have an extensive network of roads which act as fire breaks and provide quick access to emergency services. He also represented that Finnish forests are small individual ones, separated by lakes and rivers.

There is also a difference in the type of trees and other vegetation with those found in California. Finnish trees are less flammable than those found in California.

The Professor went on. Cooler conditions on average exist in Finland than the hot dry weather in California.

The Professor continued that Finland benefits from a network of volunteers who make up an effective early warning system, thus enabling fires to be doused before they spread.

Another area of claimed knowledge by Trump is the border wall.

In September, Trump said the new walls or repaired ones were “virtually impenetrable” and could not be climbed to  get over.

Here it is a mere 2 months. A certain area has had the new walls or repaired walls erected. The report thus far indicates the walls are failing. Smugglers are sawing through. Powerful tools being used. Cordless reciprocating saws that cost less than $100.

Trump and his people are now saying all walls can be gotten through. Has not sounded that way to me since Trump got in office till now.

Conservative Buzz is running an internet ad re Trump described as an INQUIRY: “Does Trump deserve a second term.?” The wording nor precise from my perspective. Should have read: “Does the U.S. deserve a Trump second term?”

Trump has recently been doing 1-2 political rallies a week. I have questions. The inquiring mind wants to know.

Who pays the costs for Air Force One?

Who pays the crew’s time?

Who pays the Secret Service time? If extra Secret Service is required, where does the money come from to pay them?

Who pays local police for their time?

How quickly are these bills paid, regardless of source?

What I am asking is whether government monies pay, Trump’s personal funds, or Trump political funds.

Enjoy your day!








11 comments on “ALIVE AND KICKING

  1. Moral to the story, always keep your condoms in your car.”

    Still laughing. Good one

    Just wondering if you asked the same questions about costs, when Obama was flying to campaign stops during his terms?

    • Obama’s travels during what might have been described as ANYTHING approaching “Campaign Stops” were few and confined to the campaign season only. Furthermore ANY campaigning by Obama that could ever have been even whispered to have been on government nickle was FULLY reimbursed by the campaign. I defy you to find any proof of this to be different. I know this, because I worked on his reelection campaign and this specific issue was an extremely high priority.

      Trump has been giving reelection “rallies,” since the beginning of his presidency for which I’m told he is NOT reimbursing anyone

  2. Talk about spending other people’s money, Trump is blowing the National Debt through the roof and nobody is making so much as a peep about it.

    • Right, this was the guy (trump) who said he didn’t need to raise money from needy donors, that he was already rich and would use his own money. That never happened and he has now raised more money from needy downers than any politician in the history of this country.

      Why again is it that we trust him on ANY subject?

    • Lou you have to be very careful taking Viagra if you are also taking certain heart medicines. There are some serious dangers and severe chest pains is one of those problems.

      • Mary…..Sometimes some of those who comment are assholes. One of the anonymous persons suggested the Viagra he thought I was taking might be too much. I do not take nor require Viagra. I sometimes think it might be more honest if those responding as “anonymous” had the courage to apply a real name. Note that if I needed Viagra and my doctor thought it would work with my meds, I would have no hesitancy in popping the blue pill.

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