One more day re climate change, rising water levels, properties washed away, etc.

An admonishment. Those of you who have little or no interest in the problem get your head out of the sand. The problem is real. Already being felt. If not dealt with, will be overwhelming.

The Old Testament tells us, “The Lord has his way in the whirlwind and in the storm.” Nahum 1:3 KJV. Do we blame God for that which is forthcoming?

Not really. No question man is responsible for climate change and that which it brings.

The problem a serious one. I believe an apocalyptic line will soon be crossed. Then it will make no difference. It will be a terrible world, whatever that world may be.

Tangier Island sits in Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. A few towns thereon. One the Town of Tangier. Per the 2010 census, population 727.

The Island known as the soft shell capital of the world.

Strange happenings to the Island even before climate change was an issue. The Island’s landmass has reduced 67 percent since 1850. Two thirds of the Island gone!

Scientists expect the remaining landmass to be lost within the next 50 years. Tangier Island will be no more.

The Island began disappearing even before the Civil War. Its land loss back then and till recent times attributed to glacial rebound. Today, erosion and rising sea levels.

The people of Tangier Island have there own belief as to why the Island is diminishing in size. It is not climate change. They blame “erosion” brought on by the increasing incidence of severe flooding.

I am not arguing with them as to the why fore of the “severe flooding.” The older generation lived on the Island before climate change was even a catchy phrase. Ergo, they see the Island diminishing in size as the result of whatever has been responsible for it since 1850.

The residents have their own idea as to what should be done. Ideas that may have credence. They have been talking to their political representatives for decades to get protection for the Island in the form of jetties or sea walls.

Something to think about. The world will deal with the climate change problem and the Island and government an immediate solution in the the form of jetties and/or a sea wall.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.

There is an immediacy to the problem. A marine biologist said, “They are literally one storm away from being wiped out.”

Some communities have already been wiped out. Ruben Town and Canaan. Back in the 1930’s. Tourists today visit to see the Island before it’s completely gone.

A prominent Tangier resident is James Eskridge. He says, “They talk about a wall. We’d like to see a wall all the way around Tangier.” He is serious.

Somehow Eskridge got to talk to Trump via telephone in 2017. Trump in effect told Eskridge there was nothing to worry about, Tangier had been there for hundreds of years and will be here for hundreds of years more.

Eskridge later appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert said, “Trump is going to get them that wall – and then make the ocean pay for it.”

Again, the people don’t buy climate change. They resist blaming their problem on climate change. Accordingly Trump was the right person for Eskridge to speak with.

Tangier is presently losing 15 feet per year.

The wall not a wild idea. It should be looked into.

Another resolution is relocation. Everyone on Tangier Island to somewhere else.

Not as strange as it sounds. Two examples.

In 2016, the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribe received $48 million from the federal government to relocate its village on the Isle de Jean Charles to another location.

In 2018, the Town of Newtok, Alaska was relocated. Home to a few hundred persons, mostly indigenous. Its relocation funded by the government also.

Serious business. A consideration on the government’s part is economic justification.

The government is not going to move everyone. It cannot afford it. However, I have shared this portion of the article with you to show that more immediate help is available in the form of a wall or relocation. Climate change still necessary. A wall or relocation can be more swiftly accomplished however while the many years for climate change to take effect is underway.

Two days re climate change problems enough for the time being. Tomorrow, I return to my normal blog.

Enjoy your day!


15 comments on “A WALL HAS MORE THAN ONE USE

  1. My grandfather was born and raised on Tangier Island. I doubt any of the oldtiimers would want to relocate, they are independent breed.

  2. Unemployment is now at a 50 year low! The stock market is at an all time high! Unemployment rate for African Americans: all time low. Latino’s: All time low. Women: all time low. Asian Americans, all time low! Average hourly wages in America, $23.83. An all time high! African Americans approve of the job Donald Trump is doing at a rate of 35%.

    Russia, Russia, Russia.


    The sky is falling… help!

    • … which proves that even YOU can do well (or at least fool others into thinking you are) if you go borrow beyond you means with no way to pay it back.

      That and lying about how good things are.

      There is good reason to be worried about the sky falling and those of you are gloating and deny it now will be the first to point blame onus who have been warning you of disaster.

  3. Hey Bruno. Loved your movie! Especially the scene where you are getting mechanically dildoed by that little phillipino guy. You’re such a mo!

  4. As long as you are back on global warming…Lou, Please let us know when property prices begin to drop in Key West. Can’t wait for bargains. Let us know when you’re good friends begin to move out. That will be a sign. How long are you going to stick it out?

    • Eco-warrior Leonardo DiCaprio is so concerned about rising sea levels, he owns 2 beachfront homes in California… and an entire island, which is nearly flat, in the Caribbean! Run for the hills! the tide’s coming up…

      • He’s just down the road from Al Gore’s multi million dollar beach mansion. Remember, Global Warming is for the Pew, not for the Preacher.

  5. My dear Louis… I suspect it is sometimes frustrating for you that some people are so dogmatic in their opinion… their mind is made up and refuse to listen to the facts. They obfuscate the matter similar to magicians slight of hand tricks such as bringing up property values to counter facts. They continue to make spurious correlations. The simple fact is, one fact does not negate the other.

    From it’s roots in the bible, “There are none so blind as those that will not see.”

    • In this case Demodocus, these dogmatic posts are almost always from the same one person who has been posting on Lou’s blog for the past 10 years or so, under different names. He was a friend of Lou’s from upstate NY, when Lou was practicing law there before moving to KW. The guy’s problem isn’t so much that he’s opinionated, but more so that he’s a true bully and refuses to listen to the facts. He’ll argue any topic and is usually wrong with his facts and gets easily confused with understanding his topics and his ability to explain himself. Sometimes one has to wonder if he really has read his reply before hitting the ‘post’ button, or maybe if he’s just posting under the influence. It is a shame really, but something we all have to put-up with if we want to read Lou’s blog. On the other hand, this guy can add a lot of unintended humor within often absurd posts, particularly when he dives into issues over his head, which is fairly often, and makes a fool of himself, or when he get’s played by someone more cleaver than himself.

    • There is No obfuscation bringing up property values. Let me help make the connection for you…oceans are rising, causing shoreline property to become susceptible to flooding, people begin selling out at a loss, the property becomes flooded and worthless.

      It’s a logical progression of facts from the point raised by Lou.

      What part are you having trouble comprehending?

      Still with me? Ok, so if the preceding is all true. Why are people who believe in global warming, (like Obama, Gore, etc) still buying these properties at inflated prices?

      • I don’t think you are as smart or clever as you think you are. Your shallow self indulgent arguments expose more your arrogance then your intelligence.

        It is VERY painful to take you seriously.

      • Inflated prices? You do know that the Obama’s paid less than HALF of the reported 23 million $ original asking price, don’t you?

        That seem to throw a major blow to your snowflake argument (harangue) about them or the whole global warming changes into the toilet, doesn’t it and make you look like a fool that’s just trying to smear Obama and hear yourself talk trash.

        You are AGAIN showing everybody you are all hat and no cattle.

        A pile of ill wind – farting at dinner just to embarras those around you, while everybody knows exactly what you’re doing.

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