A Ukrainian retaliatory strike?

Russia claims Ukraine hit two non-resident buildings in Moscow with drones at the same time Russia was bombing port infrastructure in southern Ukraine. If true re Ukraine bombing Moscow, good! Russian people have to experience some of the pain and suffering the Ukraine has been undergoing the past one and half years. Otherwise, the Russian people will not appreciate what Putin has imposed on the Ukraines.

Moscow suffered no casualties in this instance.

Netanyahu and his cohorts are destroying Israeli democracy. Netanyahu and Trump birds of a feather.

Why is this type power so important? The Israeli people will not stand for it. Their demonstrations speak to it. There will be blood in the streets.

The Israeli Army has said it will not oppose the people. Its Air Force said planes will remain on the ground. Legislators have threatened to quit.

American Brian Harman won the British Open. Ran away with it by 6 strokes.

Harman a 36 year old Georgian. His first win in years. 

His wife and 3 children are with her parents in Syracuse while he was playing in Scotland. His parents live in the Keys.

His putter was his best friend for 4 days. He won $3 million. 

A happier person could not have been on TV afterwards.

Good for him!

DeSantis spews religious talk to support his radical positions. Quotes the Bible occasionally. Not necessarily correctly. He is trying to create a new path, his path, to right and wrong.

Re the actors Strike, George Clooney had this to say: “Actors and writers in large numbers have lost their ability to make a living. This is an inflection point in our industry. For our industry to survive that has to change. For actors, that journey starts now.”

State Farm is now Florida’s second largest home insurer. Vows to stay in Florida.

Let’s hope so. Insurance companies are running away at a rapid speed from Florida. Can’t blame them. As cash rich as they are, even insurance companies have limits. Hurricanes and flooding can endanger their existence.

There has to be a solution. DeSantis should spend more time figuring out how to retain insurance companies instead of suing Disney, contemplating suing Bud Lite, and burying us with stupid MAGA laws a majority of the people don’t want.

J. Robert Oppenheimer is often credited with being the “father of the atomic bomb.” He is noted to have said: “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

A heavy understanding for a man to know of himself. A mental weight to carry for life.

Today is National Tequila Day. A hell of a drink. I know. There was once a time when I enjoyed a shot or two.

Enjoy your day!

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