A definite thrill to be back! Missed doing the blog. Missed sharing with you.

I hope everything works correctly at this point.

Many have suggested I get a new computer. That was my immediate thought. However those who work with me felt otherwise.

Recognize that I am 82. Not competent when it comes to technology. An age and generational thing. I still use a Windows 7. Sloan and Tim believe learning Windows 10 would be too much for me.

I agree.

Spent the past few days researching Tuesday’s podcast. A ton of topics. Including the female onslaught on men who need to learn a lesson or two when it comes to respect and sex.

Friday night was Pier One at the Pier House. Stone crabs again! They now have medium sized. Still $24 a pound. Still delicious.

Enjoyed dinner with Diana Millikan. She had just returned to Key West. Diana has been working with me on a book I hope to publish late next year. A history of Key West prostitution. Difficult to research. Like digging ditches. Written material hard to come across. Diana has a talent for locating such material.

However, we have found information going back to the 1600’s. Male to male prostitution. Nothing changes in
Key West.

Barbara came in last night. Drove from Utica. I am having a heart catherization Tuesday in Miami. She is here to accompany me.

I continue to learn.

Leonard Bernstein spent considerable time in Key West in 1941. If alive, Bernstein would have been 100 years old next year. St. Paul’s has opted to do a series of impromptu concerts celebrating Bernstein. They begin in January. Each will have some portion dedicated to Bernstein. The final concert will be totally dedicated to him.

While in Key West, Bernstein wrote Sonata for Clarinet and Piano. More importantly, began work on Conch Train. He never completed nor published Conch Train.

Conch Train is significant, however. Conch Train provided material for West Side Story.

We are entering a new age as regards women and sex. An abuse situation requiring correction for centuries. My concern is male abuse as women come forth with various claims. Joe Biden an example.

It started two days ago on You Tube.

As Vice-President, Biden was at the swearing in of new Senators in the well of the Senate. He stood with a new Senator’s family who were also there for the event. If a little girl was part of the group, Biden would either pick her up or bend over and kiss her on the head. Also mumble a few words.

Video of several of these encounters were run on You Tube charging Biden with pedophilia. Some Biden words even suggested the same. Subsequently, it was discovered the words were dubbed in.

Whatever, the Biden videos have spread all over the internet.

Males are sexually abused also. The most recent story comes out of Yukon, Oklahoma. A 22 year old female high school science teacher was having relations with a teen age male student.                                                                    student.

The wrong runs both ways. Though more so as regards women being abused by men.

Irma and Me published! Available for purchase on amazon.com.

New York Times columnist David Brooks had some apt words for the proposed Republican tax bill: “…..a dressed up version of the spoils system: more money for my political friends and less for my political foes.”

The bill has significant tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor. Don’t buy the bullshit the Republicans are spreading. They should be ashamed!

Syracuse played Louisville yesterday. I turned off the TV when Louisville was winning by more than 40 points.

Always next year.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I have complete read the tax bill passed by the house. Obviously Lou again, you speak from th cnn/msnbc news channel. Read the bill and then comment.
    And please quit spreading your agenda.

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