Thank you Cheryl and Roger for a great evening last night!

Cheryl and Roger are friends from outside Chicago. They have a good sized RV. Used to stay at Boyd’s on Stock Island. Bought a house in Tampa last year. Their new stomping grounds. They are back in Key West for a month. Leave sunday.

I was their guest for dinner. The Hot Tin Roof. It was a long evening of joking and laughing.

Cold last night. Near 60 degrees. A strong wind off the ocean. The dock at Ocean Key deserted. The band playing to the wind. I was dressed for the weather. Long pants and a heavy shirt. Plus a winter coat/jacket.

I spent the greater part of yesterday working on next week’s KONK Life column. I have two thoughts. One about what is happening in Greece at the present time. A good story. The other having to do with the CIA report. Interesting. The CIA story would involve the two guys who designed the enhanced interrogation techniques and tried them out on some prisoners. They were paid $81 million in taxpayer monies for a three year effort.

I have the two columns researched. Not sure which one I will go with yet.

Enjoy your day!

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