DAY 27…..Greece the First Time

Posted on June 23, 2012 by Key West Lou

Yesterday was a nothing day. Which means…..I did nothing of consequence.

I had intentions of visiting the monastery in the afternoon. Then in the evening watching the Germany/Greece soccer game on TV at a restaurant with a group of Greeks. Nothing happened. I got lazy.

I did take three walks. One long. About four miles.

The long one was around the bay opposite from where I am staying. Came upon a quaint small restaurant on the water’s edge. Six tables set on crushed stones at the edge itself. Shaded by a huge tree and some awnings.

It was a meze restaurant. Who knew what a meze restaurant was. It looked appealing, however. So I stopped.

A meze is a bunch of small plates of appetizers. Served with a drink. The purpose of the appetizers is to enhance the taste of the drink. Ouzo was the only drink provided with the food. Ouzo appetizers was what I had. Properly referred to as ouzo meze.

I ordered a serving. All kinds of fish and meat. A few veggies. All in small proportions. With two ouzo, of course.

A great lunch! An interesting one! I do not know if it enhanced the ouzo. But it was good.

The meze lunch was about three in the afternoon. That did it for dinner. No way.

My second and shorter walk was to get an ice cream cone. Cherry. The lady serving said it was strawberry and she should know. She was up till three in the morning making it.

I saw huge pieces of cherry. However, who am I to argue. I am in a strange country. No way would I offend any one.

Actually, the lady was nice. She was showing off her English. I attribute her strawberry/cherry mix up to that.

Another short walk. Saw two elderly people sitting in front of what I assume was their home. A small white building by the side of the road. He dressed in a black suit and hat. The clothing beat up. She in standard dress for a woman of her age. Black dress and stockings.

They each were weaving with straw new seats on two chairs. They never looked up to acknowledge me. Just kept working away.

Just off the water front, I came across a young well tanned Greek man. Only pants. No shirt, no socks no shoes.

He was making a fishing net.

The material appeared to be some type nylon. He had a roll of it on the ground. His right foot on a bench. He ran the nylon from the roll up to his right foot and between his large toe and first little one. From there the nylon worked its way to his hands.

His hands were moving. Rapidly. It was as if he was knitting or crocheting. He had a small knife type hook that was moving in and out of the nylon as he was making the net.

He never looked up either. He was intent on his work.

My game plan was to watch the Germany/Greece soccer match with a bunch of Greeks. What better way! Especially at a time when they all hate the Germans.

I have no TV. I question whether any home on this island does. However, most of the restaurants have TV.

The game was 9:45. I tried to stay awake. Too late for me. I never made it.

I notice Greece lost 4-2. Too bad. The Greeks are getting beat up badly in all respects by the Germans.

A Chinese reader commented yesterday regarding my recent writings regarding the euro crisis and Germany. The writer advised that in China they believe that shopping malls are the battlefields, that economic war cruelty and battlefield bullets are the same.

A perceptive observation.

I have been following the Greece euro problem and Germany’s involvement. I read an article yesterday that said Germany is incapable of handling the whole euro crisis. That Germany’s capacity is limited to 27 per cent of the problem. Germany would have to look to others for help in saving Europe. Germany would have to look across the sea to the United States.

Good luck! We cannot help ourselves and now we must once again aid Europe. How? I do not see how. It will be interesting if it comes to pass.

I like Amorgos. It is at the top of the list of all the Greek places I have visited. Even better than Santorini. One problem, however. It was difficult to get to and will be difficult to leave.

Only two boats a week. No airport.

I am not going to bore you with all the details. Boat here, fly there, etc. I have arrived at the solution. A pain. But one which I have decided is the best.

I have to be at the dock at six in the morning to catch the boat to Athens. The boat is like a subway local or bus. Makes many stops. I will not arrive in Athens till three in the afternoon. Fortunately, there is a business class. Not bad. However the trip will be horrendous. Without question.

I wish to return to Athens for a couple of nights. It is like New York City. Much to do.

My departure date for this trip is 6/27. Assuming the boat runs. You never know. The weather, a break down, whatever.

You are probably thinking why did I not plan this trip better. Because I did not plan. I did not want to plan. Two months gave me enough time to decide as I went along where the next stop would be.

I’ll survive.

As a side point of interest, the Greek Isles are much like the thousand Islands and Florida keys. Many islands. Approximately 1,400 Greek isles. I had no specific idea where I was going when I started. Except, my first stop would be in Milan. After that, I wanted to see Athens.

I have been doing a bit of writing and revising while on this trip. Yesterday, I published 1712 Slave Revolt in New York City on Amazon Kindle. Interesting. The essence evidences man’s inhumanity to man.

Enjoy your day!

The Communist Manifesto opens with the dramatic words: “A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of Communism.” The Manifesto closes with: “Workers of the world unite!”

Karl Marx published The Communist Manifesto this day in 1848.

Communism was slow to take hold. However by 1950, nearly half the world’s population lived under Marxist governments.

The Catholic Church’s internal strife continues. Actually a war. Two sides. The right and left.

Interesting that even within the Vatican, right and left thinking exists. Each side seeking to control Church dogma and everything else.

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Cardinal Robert Sarah tuesday as head of the Vatican and Worship Congregation. Sarah has been regarded as an opponent of Francis’ vision for the Church as a global search.

A major figure in the Church’s far right group, Sarah has been giving Francis a hard time for years.

Sarah is Black. Originally from Guinea. In Vatican leadership roles since 2001. Benedict XVI made him a Cardinal in 2010.

COVID-19 deaths continue to move ever upward. Approaching 500,000, it has been roughly one year since the first known coronavirus death occurred.

Of significance: No other country has counted so many deaths because of the pandemic.

All one can say is: Thank you, Donald!

Bill Gates in a recent interview said Miami beaches “will be all gone by 2200.” The cause climate change, of course.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. You say – “COVID-19 deaths continue to move ever upward. Approaching 500,000, it has been roughly one year since the first known coronavirus death occurred.”

    Yet even with that (in only a year) there are still those that still tink it is a Hoax.

    And even when someone like Bill Gates says that things like “Miami beaches will be all gone by 2200.” half the country will deny that.

    How is it we lib=ve in what is supposedly a developed country and half the people here in in a state of denial about so many things?

  2. I woke thinking about Terri. I hope everything is OK and I’d like you to give her a big hug and a kiss for me. We had some great talks at Rose’s.

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