Totally exhausted this morning. I’m sleepless in Key West. Could not sleep at all. Nothing bothering me.

I have spent a few days doing some deep research into Attorney General Bill Barr. From his teen age days till now. Interesting. My plan was to compose and publish today.

Not to happen. The research will sit till I am in the mood to “do him.”

I will be back tomorrow!

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “A NO BLOG DAY…..SORRY

  1. I hope it was actually because of your last comment yesterday… coctails with a hot date that you are not writing today. (I know, you didn’t say “hot date”… I’m just hopefully “reading between the lines.”

    Anyway… enjoy YOUR day.

    Kokomo Man

  2. Enjoy your day as at your age and experience it is your literally your human right to do what the F you want. Any time, any day.

    We need your insight when you are ready!

  3. Looks like we finally have a cure for Covid 19, well actually more of a successful treatment than a cure.

    A young woman whose lungs were destroyed beyond repair by the novel coronavirus received a new set of lungs at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital. That’s right, a double lung transplant!

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