I read yesterday that of the fifty largest cities in the world, only ten are located in the United States and Europe.

The world has changed and continues to change. Are we really aware?

I spent the day yesterday researching and writing. Always an enjoyable experience.

Sloan arrived late in the afternoon . We worked together for two hours.

Since I had my blog talk radio show to do at 9, I did not wish to travel far from home for dinner. I made a quick trip over to Hogfish. Enjoyed a small bowel of lobster bisque and a lobster roll.

It never ceases to amaze me how busy Hogfish has become. Standing room only. A gold mine! Deservedly so!

Did my blog talk radio show at 9. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Chatted about the huge difference between the salaries of the rich and the rest of us, banks that no longer care for their customers, explained the Boston College birth control problem, and rattled a bit about the Final Four. Syracuse, my Syracuse! Go ‘Cuse!

I quoted my friend Dee when speaking of banks and disparity in income. Dee had a recent experience with a local bank. She raised hell. In the end won. However, Dee left the bank unhappy. She wrote a comment born of the situationt on Facebook yesterday…..If you have a gun, you can rob a bank….. if you have a bank, you can rob EVERYBODY.

Key West weather for this time of year has returned. 81 degrees yesterday.

My friday morning television/internet show is called the Key West Lou Legal Hour. There is a site change for those of you who watch via the internet. No more www.tvchannel19.com. Now www.weyw19.com. For a while, the tvchannel19 one will kick over to the new wey19w. I suggest you start  using weyw19 now.

Finally……You Tube! I hope. I think. It takes forever to get everything straightened out and moving properly with these shows. You Tube supposedly locked in as of yesterday.

The friday Key West Lou Legal Hour will be available on You Tube. Easy to find. www.youtube.com. Enter in the name of the show: Key West Lou Legal Hour. Up will pop a listing of the shows. The shows will be listed by date.

One thing you must be aware of. The show will not You Tube immediately the day it is done. Each show is You Tubed one week later. In other words, last friday’s March 29 show will be available one week later on April 5.

Right now the March 22 show is running on You tube.

Simply stated, the You Tube show will always run one week late.

Confusing? Not really. A pain, yes. If you have any problems, let me know.

Enjoy your day!

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