It’s that time again! A new bocce season. Begins tonight.

Everything the same, except I will not be playing. Time to retire. I have played 15 years. Enjoyed every moment. The friends made. However, I am 80 years old. My age and infirmities impose on my team mates.

I do not bend. Have a tendency to get dizzy and fall. Ergo, Keith and Norm in recent years bend over to pick up the ball and hand it to me.

A contributing factor also is how poorly I played the last half of last season. I am quick to point out however that we finished in second place. The first time!

Don is being kind. Twice he telephoned to advise I am still named on the official list of team members. I can play any time I want. I will not want. However, I will stop by occasionally to lend moral support and enjoy a drink.

Watched Louisville destroy Syracuse last night 72-58. Louisville’s defense the reason. They were all over our key players, throwing them off. Especially in the second half.

Dan and I watched the game together at Jack Flat’s. Lisa showed later with their house guests. Dan good company to watch a game with. We yell and moan in unison.

Barbara was with me. We took a Duval walk afterwards. I wanted to stop somewhere for a night cap. The bars were all full. Overflowing. Except 801. Only a handful of customers. We enjoyed our night caps at a premier Key West gay bar.

Huckleberry Finn was Tom Sawyer’s best friend. Remember?

On this day in 1885, Mark Twain published The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. A surprisingly controversial novel even to present day.

Ernest Hemingway was big on Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. He said the book marked the beginning of American literature. “There was nothing before. There has been nothing as good since.”

Scientists have been increasingly concerned about robots. Each more advanced than the previous. The concern is a robot’s increasing artificial intelligence. Might be a threat to humanity. Might turn on the master.

Researchers have come up with a solution. They are having robots reading children’s stories.

A solution to a problem is sometimes strange. The obvious avoided. The extreme welcomed with open arms.

I am talking about the University of Texas’ announcement that concealed handguns are now permitted in classrooms. In fact, all over campus.

Another NRA victory.

When will society realize that packing a gun is not the solution to mass shootings?

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “A NEW BOCCE SEASON

  1. When will society realize that packing a gun is not the solution to mass shootings?
    end quote

    Yep, more gun free zone signs will work better.

    Mass shootings can’t be stopped, they will happen no matter what is done.
    Responsible armed citizens makes for a more responsible society. The facts/stats support that.

  2. Syracuse’s shooting was a disaster!! The first 10 minutes were very enjoyable. 10 point lead. Then they could not make a shot!! Even the close in shots missed… They did rebound better than the last couple games; but could not convert…

    Lou – Fran and I will be in KW on Monday for a few hours. Fran gave me a cruise for my 70th birthday (Feb 19) and we leave Tampa on Sunday (21st) with a quick stop in KW (noon to 5). But we are booking for the annual meeting in April.

  3. Anonymous on February 18, 2016 at 3:43 pm said:
    The “facts” are Canada has less guns and less mass shootings.
    end quote

    Canadians own appr 11 million guns. Canada is about 12% of our population. They also don’t have the assorted problems this country has. So, Apples and Oranges.
    We have more gun violence than any country [I think], but, its not the guns that are the problem. Less than 1% of our guns are used illegally.
    More murders/deaths are committed in this country with utility knives than guns.

  4. Registration for returning players will begin on Monday, February 22, at 9 am and will remain open until 9 pm that night. Returning player registration will re-open on Tuesday, February 23, at 9 am and will remain open until 9 pm that night.

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