Today a most important one in U.S. history. History will record it as such.

Upon the testimony of Robert Mueller the fate of our Nation rests. He dropped the ball in his Report. He left out the final step: Spelling out clearly and simply his conclusion as to whether Trump had committed crimes and should be criminally prosecuted.

Justice Department policy appears to have controlled his decisions. The report as written has no force and effect in law. It is as represented. Merely an opinion grounded in policy.

It is for the Supreme Court to determine if the policy applied. If it did, it gives Trump and subsequent Presidents the power to do what they want. Without control. Unbridled. They would not be responsible even for the most heinous wrongdoing.

In the cases of Clinton v. Jones and U.S. v. Nixon, an issue was whether a President could be arrested. The Justice Department policy was not involved. In each case, the Court ruled no person is above the law.

Permit a scenario to help state my position.

The President and his wife are in their bedroom in the White House. The White House is a federal building. Crimes are not permitted in a federal building.

A shot is heard. The Secret Service and other guards rush into the bedroom. Melania is on the floor dead with a bullet hole in her head. Trump is standing over her with a smoking gun in hand.

Should Trump be permitted to avoid prosecution at the time because of the Justice Department’s policy. Of course not. “No one is above the law.”

Respectfully, Mueller has short changed the American public. A war hero, civil servant most of his career, an FBI Director, one respected for his by the book approach to law, a rules following person, all will be pushed into the rear should Mueller fail to speak forth today. History will remember him as the one who permitted Trump to avoid prosecution for various wrongdoings.

I would hope Mueller does the correct thing today. I doubt he will. The Nation will suffer.

There is a comparison to be made. Both Mueller and Trump are arrogant. They believe they are right and cannot be told otherwise. Some what a my way or the highway approach. This mental superiority is not commendable in either.

I normally end with “Enjoy your day!” Don’t know if it is possible today. For many it will depend how forthcoming Mueller is in his testimony.

A criminal may very well escape the clutches of the law in the final analysis.


  1. I read that the DOJ, upon Mueller’s request for guidance, strongly suggested to him that he not speak of anything outside of the public, redacted report that has been submitted. Trump will, undoubtedly, escape again.

      • Mueller may have been a Republican at one time but the members of his team, (who it was painfully obvious by Mueller’s performance), did all the work and wrote the report and were bitter Democrat enemies of Trump. Do your homework.

        I feel bad for Mueller, a hero, who was used by Democrats and will now have an ending that tarnishes his brilliant career.

  2. Mueller said that the Russians are interfering with US politics as today’s hearings were happening and apparently the GOP and Trump couldn’t care less.

    • Nor the American people, at least those that support him. And we’re supposed to be worried about those 4 american congresswomen? At least they’re american enough to speak up!

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