Yesterday afternoon was be good to Louis time!

I got a massage. First one in years. At the Pier House Spa.

Outstanding! I was so relaxed, I could not get off the table at the end. The masseuse covered me with a towel and left me to sleep.

The Spa is a separate building on the Pier House grounds. I fear if a sale of the Pier House is consumated, the new owners will turn it into hotel rooms. It would be a shame!

The Cleveland Indians’ Jacobs family presently own the Pier House. They made a mistake several years ago when they closed the restaurant and replaced it with rooms. The recession years of 2008 and 2009 followed and the rooms were not always occupied.

The Pier House restaurant was one of the finest in Key West. Fine dining. Inside and out. Both dining areas lovely. The food as good as the massage I received yesterday.

Many of us were unhappy to see the restaurant go.

Yesterday morning, I finalized the topics for last night’s blog talk radio show. The winners became the Boston bombing and not screwing up the case against the bomber by violating his Miranda rights, the media improperly describing the 19 year old bomber as a boy rather than a man, how what the NRA did 30 years ago impeded the recent Boston bombing investigation, and Cardinal O’Malley’s sermon to forgive the Boston bombers, something with which I could not agree.

I did Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou at 9 in the evening. Then to bed.

I have to go out tonight. The back has been keeping me in. It is 95 per cent better. I have a need to see Don, David, Hershel, Erika, and other friends at Don’s Place. I need to see my buddies at the Chart Room. Especially Emily. She has been on my mind the past few days. I think it is the popcorn she makes. Just the right amount of salt and oil.

Tom and Fran Dixon from Buffalo are due in today. They should be at the Chart Room at cocktail time.

Key West weather continues to be outstanding! 89 degrees yesterday. A touch of humidity. A cool breeze. This morning looks like it is the beginning of a similar day.

I am a sporadic book reader. I read every day. Rarely for long periods of time. That is where the sporadic comes in. Fifteen minutes here, a half hour there.

I am into the Eisenhower book Ike’s Bluff. The writer Evan Thomas has a unique talent for coming up with the right quote at the right time. Yesterday, it was Secret Police Chief Beria’s plans for the scientists if Russia’s atomic test failed in the late 1940s.

Today’s quote concerns John Foster Dulles. Dulles was one of our country’s foremost Secretaries of State. He served under President Eisenhower.

Dulles was ultra conservative. He had a physical problem. One eye twitched. It was not controllable.

There is an interesting happening regarding the twitch in the book. “Once, in a foreign hotel, with a twitch of the eye, he (Dulles) was said to have asked a room service waiter for some bottled water. The waiter returned with a tray of liquor. ‘No,’ said Dulles (another twitch), ‘I said I would like some bottled water.’ More minutes passed. A call girl arrived….”

Enjoy your day!



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