I watched sunrise this morning. A Key West sunrise. It was not planned. I was up. Looked out the window and there it was breaking clean over the horizon.

Interesting I should have caught it this morning. Last night, I enjoyed Fiddler on the Roof for the zenith time. Sunrise, sunset…..

Another beautiful Key West day. This past week has been unusually good for this time of  year. May it last and what ever winter we were to have let it be behind us.

Got a pedicure yesterday. From Tammy. Lee Nails was unusually busy. Every chair taken for whatever service, every staff person working. I told Tammy she was getting rich. As I often state, she and her husband personify the American dream.

All the years I have been in Key West, there should be little I do not know about the island. Something new popped up yesterday. The Quantum Boat Races.

I know the races are here every year. I go to the waterfront to see the sailboats tied up. I have never seen a race, however.

I went to Fort Zach. Figured I would stand at the point where the rocks and beach meet. A perfect spot for watching the races. So I thought.

No way! The boats do not race/sail near shore. They are way out. Mere specs on the horizon.

Strange and not so strange things happening internationally.

We are negotiating with Iran  re nuclear arms. A big time long time process. The whole world knows. Putin continues to be smart and Iran says we do what we want to do.

Tuesday an agreement was signed between Russia and Iran. A military cooperative deal. A joint response to U.S. interference. They pledged cooperation in the “struggle.” The struggle referring once again to the interference of foreign forces in  the region. Primarily, the United States.

Query: Is Iran  dealing in good faith with the U.S. in the nuclear talks? Many think not. I am one of them. They are buying time.

Then yesterday Speaker Boehner made a startling announcement. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu will shortly speak before Congress.

Foreign affairs have generally been left to the President to take the lead. Not Congress. Boehner may think we are screwing up the Iran talks. Perhaps. He may want to make the President look bad. Perhaps. Boehner invited Israel’s Netanyahu to speak before Congress. Netanyahu constantly warns not to trust Iran re nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu may be correct. Whether correct is not the issue. Boehner in this instance went over the head of the President with regard to an international matter. A no no.

With those thoughts, I leave you.

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “A KEY WEST SUNRISE

  1. Just a couple of weeks ago your president had david Cameron, uk prime minister, call members of congress asking them to not go after sanctions for Iran. Why do you think that’s ok? Obama doesn’t have time to meet with world leaders anyway. He is too busy giving utube interviews to Glozelle and her ilk.

  2. Another volley of inane comments from mindless right-wing malcontents. The President leads, not perfectly, but with class and intelligence. The least productive Congress obstructs, investing its pitiful efforts in political theater. Since the body reconvened after yet another vacation, did Congress debate and pass a resolution regarding our response to ISIS? No. But it did file a frivolous law suit against the Administration. And, after much mumbling passed an anti-abortion bill that has zero chance of becoming law. The GOP has transformed the Congress into a clown show with neither a sense of priority nor a realistic vision of the real challenges that plague America.

    • Fascinating how you far left libs always attack anyone who disagrees with you. Folks like you are the most intolerant and start flinging insults at any difference of opinion. Most people disagree with you, but you have a right to your opinion, as I have a right to mine. I beg to differ about the congress — the clown show is finally over with the obstructionist Harry reid and nancy pelosi no longer “leading”. Watch your president continue to obstruct. Just tonight he withdrew his plan to end the 529 plan — he wanted to penalize folks who save for their children’s education, while rewarding those who do not. Insane. I agree with Boudreaux, the country will move forward without him.

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