Happy Sunday!

Saturday was busy. Very busy.

I started with my purchase of a new cell phone and I Pad. Went Android and Verizon. Thank you all for your advice.

Then it was Larry Harvey’s memorial service at St. Paul’s. A respectful crowd for a much loved man. The minister eulogized him. There was a celebration of his life later at the Hemingway House where his friends spoke about him. I was not able to make the Hemingway event.

I was out shopping for my trip. Odd ball things. Underwear, socks and the like. I leave for Italy next Saturday. Speaking of Italy, it is providential that I am going next week instead of being there this week. I fly into Milan. Northern italy. The area had a major earthquake last night. 6.0. Much damage. Old churches and buildings brought down. Four killed.

I have experienced several earthquakes in my lifetime. Two while I was away from home. One in Acapulco. The other in San Diego. Both scared me. They were on the severe side. In Acapulco, the street opened wide and deep and a car fell in.

I had an art sale to attend. A mandatory appearance. Ally was selling her art!

I have created a monster. When Ally was sick this past week, I suggested she color and paint. She did a bit. To keep her entertained, I suggested she sell her art work. I explained the process to her. Told her she was becoming an entrepeneur. It cost me a dollar that day for one painting. Ally appeared to enjoy having earned the dollar.

Ally had an art sale scheduled for yesterday. I was invited. I was the only one. When I arrived, I discovered Robert had joined the game. Both had arranged their art work in a very orderly fashion.

Ally immediately announced that her lowest price was $2 and some were higher. Whoa, I said. No way. You do not have an established reputation yet. All $1 each or I will not play. She agreed. Robert said nothing. He was along for the ride.

Cost me $4. I ended up buying four pieces. Two by each. They were excited and pleased. I told them we cannot have these art shows often. Too expensive for me and not a good habit for them. The whole scenario is an educational thing. I do not want them to think money is easy to make.

Ally is really into this. I promised to take her to an art gallery and show her how the pros show and sell their paintings.

I stopped art the Plantation Coffee House for a bagel and cup of coffee. The lovely Diane working. A restful place.

Instead of the bagel, I opted for the quiche. Outstanding! Diane is one of the owners and makes the quiche herself.

A different evening last night. I decided to hit several of the Duval Street bars. After the Chart Room, of course.

Sheila and JJ at the Chart Room. Interesting conversation.

I walked over to Sloppy Joe’s. A long time since I had been there. Too many people and too much noise. I stayed a while and had a drink.

Then to the Smokin’ Tuna. Fewer people. Better music.

Hunger was upon me. It was to Kelley’s for wings. Always good! The best in Key West. Perhaps the best any where.

One last stop was on the agenda. Don’s Place. No Don. However there was Kurt, Phuff, Lori, Boomer and Todd. I stayed quite a while. Had a few drinks. Enjoyed my time there.

As I was driving out, I heard Lou! and saw a moped climbing up my back. It was Don. He wanted to say hello.

A busy day ahead of me. I still have a ton of things to do to prepare for my trip. I will be away seven weeks. Italy and Greece. I cannot wait!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I hope you enjoy the big trip Lou. I also hope you will be able to continue the blog while overseas; that would be interesting indeed. Will you be traveling the Greek islands?

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