Good radio show yesterday!

Unfortunately, reception was limited from Key Largo to Havana, Cuba. And only radio. Something was screwed up with the internet connection and the show could not be seen/heard world wide. My apologies to my friends who were unable to join me because of the problem. I was buried in e mails and phone calls after the show asking, in effect, what happened?

I never know what topic is going to tickle/interest the show’s audience. Generally, I am surprised after the show when I discover which one it was.

Yesterday the Tiger Woods segment turned out to be the big one.

It was announced this past week that Tiger and Elin are divorced, Elin got $100 million and did an interview where she said “…I’ve been through hell!” I commented that $100 million covers a lot of pain and suffering. A lot of hell. Elin should move on with her life. Tiger get back to golf.

Wow! Came the deluge!

Some thought I was too harsh on Elin. The thought was she deserved all that money! All I was saying is that $100 million covers a lot of ills. Makes whatever the problem easy to recover from.
Several people accused me of not being a romanticist! The poor woman hurt! How could I be so calloused?

I am a practical man. He kicked her in the ass! She kicked him back! Both did it big time. Enough is enough.

So there is no misunderstanding, most people who contacted me agreed with me. However the few who did not were so vocal I thought their comments worthy of mention.

There is a new staff person at the KONK radio station. Jennay. Not sure I am spelling her name correctly. The radio station is part time. She is an intuitive in her other life. Sort of places a person’s future feelings in proper perspective.

Jennay is a nice lady. Charming. Pleasant. Definitely sensitive. I enjoyed meeting and chatting with her.

Larry Smith stopped into the studio after the show. He was one of the ones who disagreed with me on the Elin/$100 million issue. Claims he is a romanticist. And I am not of course from his perspective.

I stopped at the Coffee House to read the papers. Some Judge in New York City screwed up big time. Front page story! His office computer was checked and it was discovered he was heavy into porn. He immediately resigned.

The Judge presided over criminal cases in Manhattan. Part of his calendar would include sex crimes. He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword!

His fall from grace is sad. The news article indicated he was a good Judge. Well respected.

I had a terrific time last night. One of the best recently!

I started at the Chart Room. Where else!

Sheila, Katherine and Sean there. Marty showed up a bit later. Susan bartending.

Katherine’s birthday today. Happy birthday Katherine! She is all of 25!

Katherine and Sean are going to celebrate the occasion by doing a spa day together at the Ocean Key House followed by a big dinner somewhere tonight.

Both good people. They come to Key West from Mississippi. They met there while attending Mississippi University.

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at Michael’s. Like a wake! It is late August and there were not too many customers.

Maxine Makover came in with her niece. She said hello as she passed by. I have not seen Maxine in a long time.

Maxine is one of the owners of the yarn store on Whitehead. It is next to the Mel Fisher Museum. A terrific place! So beautiful inside! And comforting! Comforting is the correct word. The few times I have been in the store I had a feeling similar to being in a church.

Marty convinced me to join him for a drink after dinner. A diet Pepsi, of course.

We went over to Finnegan’s Wake. It had been at least 10 years since I was last there. It will not be 10 years again. I had a wonderful time!

A lot of people. Eating and drinking. Entertainment. Jeanie Falcone singing. Jeanie sings over at the Bull, also. She and Yankee Jack alternate.

Doc Covan and his lovely wife Diane stopped in. Fred is a psychologist. Looks like one! Acts like one! Has a terrific sense of humor!

I have known the good Doctor off and on for 10 years. We have been in contact more frequently of late because of Larry Smith’s new internet variety show.

Doc is married to Diane. One of Key West’s outstanding attorneys! A tough advocate! I do not know Diane well at all. I would like to know her better. She seems interesting.

My sense is these two must have one hell of a marriage! The soft sensitive psychologist and the tough courtroom lawyer.

Charlie and Mary Lou came into Finnegan’s Wake. Both are local business people. Mary Lou also has the distinction of having once been Fantasy Fest Queen. Good people!

Between the people and places last night, it was a very good evening!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Jeannie is back at the Bull ??!! Thats good news,, missed her.. Bare Assets couldn't have been a good gig for her..
    We miss Lorna at Finnegans,, not quite the same without her.. The 4 of us were pretty good friends and her husband Randy and I used to fish together..Although Diddi and Lexi do a good job holding the place together..
    Patrick and JoAnn

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