The culprits who stole the gold bar from the Mel Fisher Museum were captured. On film. Not captured for real yet. You can see the crime being committed at

Take a look. Interesting.

I spent the afternoon at Borders. About 4 hours. I was in a reading mood.

I have been reading War. The current best seller regarding Afghanistan. A terrific book! I am really into it!

No War yesterday! Sold out! Not one book left!

A tragedy! First time it has happened to me.

There is a warped humor involved. I read the books for free. And complain if a book is sold out!

So I spent the afternoon skimming through three other books. Books I might never have read in any part were it not for the War sell out.

One of the books had to do with Nazi war criminals and the search for them after World War II. I am a World War II freak so the book intrigued me. Its name and author escape me.

There is a new book out about Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Burton. A wow! I really got into the book! Recommend it!

I also took a trip back in time. William Faulkner’s 1930 work As I Lay Dying. I was more interested in the form of the book rather than its substance. Faulkner wrote it with each chapter being told by a different character. There is a term for this style writing that escapes me.

I dined alone at the bar at Outback last night. Read the newspapers.

A couple were seated next to me. 50ish. Demanding. Wanted everything from the wait staff. Questioned everything. Pains in the ass!

The bill came. The male used a credit card. Wrote in the tip. The female reviewed the bill. Told her partner/husband that the tip was too little. He had only left 8 per cent. Should be 10 per cent, she said. It was ok by him.

She even asked for water in a plastic cup to go. With lime. The bartender put in lemon. Oh no, she said. Lime.

And so it was.

Larry Smith’s new variety show tonight at the Bottle Cap. Give a watch at 9 on Peter Diamond is guest starring. Peter sings like Frank Sinatra reincarnated! A Key West talent!

Peter is originally from my neck of the woods in upstate New York. Syracuse. He and his charming wife Holly have lived in Key West for many years.

The power went out during the night. It was out quite a while.

I woke around 1. The bedroom was getting stuffy. No air conditioning. And voices. From outside. There are some visitors next door. They must have thought the power at their house alone was out. They were talking up a storm and fooling around with the power box.

The power periodically goes out here in the keys. We are like a central American country in that regard. It adds to the flavor of Key West. I always say I am going to leave one of my many flashlights next to the bed. I never do and am relegated to lying in the dark. Sweating.

Golf this morning. I am tired. Probably because of the 2-3 hours sleep I lost in the middle of the night. Wonder how I am going to play?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou! With regard to reading do you ever frequent the Key West library? I always use my local library for free books and reading on premises as well.

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