Great radio show yesterday! Excellent response afterwards. Especially to the masque and Afgan woman topics.

Unfortunately, it was only radio yesterday. Ustream was not available. My apologies to my friends outside Cuba and the Florida keys who could not listen in. Hopefully what ever the problem was, it will be resolved by next week.

I hurried over to Lucky Day after the show for an early lunch. Cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato. Good food! Cuban food is good food! All food is good food! That is why I am always in trouble with my weight.

Read the Key West Citizen and some local weekly papers while at Lucky Day.

I spent most of the afternoon doing paper work. There truly is no rest for the wicked. It never ends.

Lisa telephoned. She was home sick. Robert was sick also. So I drove over.

Lisa and Robert were in bed together. Both with fevers. They looked cute lying there.

Marty and I met at Louie’s Backyard for drinks. Louie’s is becoming Marty’s new favorite place to drink. He says it’s the view! It is spectacular!

Dinner was at the Wine Galley at the Pier House. Larry Smith was playing. One of Key West’s premier musicians.

I had to leave early. My 1987 Mercedes was being driven down from New York. The driver was expected around 9:30.

The car arrived. I love my Mercedes! Twenty three years old. Only 105,000 miles. Has not been driven during the winter in over 10 years. Always garaged. Has not been driven at all in the 4 years since I retired and moved to Key West.

The Mercedes made the trip well. It was like an old friend was returning to my life. An old friend was.

I took the driver over to Hogfish for fish and chips. He loved the place!

Terri sings tonight! At the Keys Piano Bar. It is going to be a terrific evening!

Enjoy your day!

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