Lobster season is upon us!

Not just diving/fishing. Eating!

Key West is celebrating Lobsterfest this weekend. Everyone is selling lobsters! Prepared a 1,000 different ways.

Part of Duval was closed off Friday night and Saturday afternoon. As part of the celebration.

Friday night had to be terrific! My friend Howard Livingston and his Mile Marker 24 group singing from a band stand in front of Sloppy Joe’s.

Both friday night and yesterday afternoon, street stands selling lobster prepared in all kinds of manner.

For my friends outside Florida who might be unaware, Florida lobsters are not as you might imagine. They are different. They have no claws. As a Maine lobster would. The tail is everything. It is the meat from the tail that is prepared and consumed.

Also, the meat is not as sweet nor tender as a Maine lobster. Ergo the need to prepare/cook a Florida tail with some additional spice, oil or butter.

What ever way a Florida lobster is prepared, it is absolutely delicious when ready for consumption!

The best experience I ever had eating Florida lobster was about 10 years ago. Cousin Sergio took me out on his boat to dive. We went out about 10 miles. Snorkled and dove for lobsters. We caught what ever the law permitted.

Afterwards, Serge steered the boat close to a mangrove island. The water around the boat was about 3 feet deep.

Serge cooked the lobster tails on the back of the boat. Buried them in butter.

I was standing in the water along side the boat drinking a beer. Serge handed a tail over the side of the boat to me. Hot and dripping in butter. I ate it standing there in the water. What flavor! Delicious!

I ate several more the same way. When I had finished, I was a mess. Covered in greasy butter. No problem! I merely ducked down in the water and voila I was clean!

A memorable day.

A Key West day!

I never got to enjoy friday night or saturday afternoon of Lobsterfest weekend this year. My stomach was still off into yesterday. So except for a brief walk in Home Depot, I was home in bed all day.

Not bad though!

It was Errol Flynn day on the Turner Classic Movie channel. He did it all! From a swash buckling swordsman for England, Robin Hood, a WW I and II hero, conquering Burma, finding a cure for an incurable disease and what have you. A man’s hero! An interesting evening and day at the movies for me!

In between movies, I watched golf. Tiger Woods is in trouble! He appeared to want to complete the round as quickly as possible and get off the course.

I did not blame him.

Lisa and the family have been away for a few days. Got home last night at dinner time. She called. I got up and went over. But did not eat. Missed them all and wanted to see them.

Robert’s tooth is still loose. Has not fallen out yet. He is proud of it. Ran up to show it to me as soon as I arrived. He thinks he is man now. Claims he has some hair above his upper lip also. He told me he may have to shave soon. Six years old.

I went along with him.

Ally was thrilled to see me. She looked like she grew a couple of inches in a few days. She asked if it was ok if we did not watch golf. She was already into a kid’s movie.

Then back home to bed for me and more of Errol Flynn!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I too was once a fan of Errol Flynn. And, one should not speak ill of the dead. You might want to "peak behind the mask". But, you might not like what you see. Sadly. But great movies. Total farce, but nice escapism when you're down. Hope your feeling better.

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