Great golf yesterday!

The best I have played in 10 years!

Shot 100 even. Two months ago I was shooting 125.

Played with Larry and Aaron. Larry was back from his New York trip.

Larry and I played a money game. Larry shoots around 85. So he has to give me strokes. I won the first 9 holes of our match. Wow! So Larry said we had to reconfigure the strokes. I expected it. We did. I took less. It did make a bit of a difference. I only won 3 holes on the back side. He won 4. We tied the rest. But I did not care. I was playing better!

And won $5!

Why am I playing better? It is not that my skills have improved. It is my heart.

You will recall that back in October I was diagnosed with a heart problem. Cardiomyopathy.

My heart had weakened. The heart muscle had stretched. I was not pushing blood out fast enough. Ergo, I was lacking the strength to hit the golf ball far. The doctor told me how to correct my health and indirectly my golf game. Stop drinking, smoking and go on a diet. I stopped drinking and smoking immediately. I have done neither since October 29 when he admonished me. And I dieted off 30 pounds.

The doctor said I would notice a return of strength gradually. I have. That is why I am hitting the ball farther.

I love it! Good living has its rewards!

Soon I will be reporting that I have broken a 100! That will really be a WOW day!

The humidity was extremely heavy yesterday. My tee shirt was wet before I even teed off on the first hole. Tired me out. Not enough to bother my game, however.

After golf, I lunched at Hogfish and then returned home. I went straight to bed and slept the balance of the afternoon away. That is how tired I was from the humidity!

I opted to stay in last night. Worked on friday’s radio show. The show is developing. The topics timely and interesting. Like the Gulf oil spill and landfills, the Proposition 8 decision and same sex marriage, a bit of Key West history involving Cary Grant and Tony Curtis, Mongolian neo-nazism, the Muslim mosque near the 9/11 site and what Harry Truman was doing 65 years ago on August 6, 1945.

I have no plans for today. Lets see what develops. It is always interesting.

Enjoy your day!

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