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My conservative friend from New Jersy. Fellow Manhattan College graduate.

Jasper John wrote a comment yesterday. About recent newspaper reports regarding Key West and dengue fever. Dengue fever is a very bad malady which occurs from mosquitos.

The newspaper articles were nothing more than newspaper hype! Bad reporting at its best. Shades of the recent Sherron case.

Mosquitos are a problem in the keys. However, the lower keys have a Mosquito Control Board. Elected officials to run it. A huge staff and budget. Spray baby spray! Planes and trucks. Also periodic property visits to make sure no pools of water are around which might permit breeding.

The bottom line. Mosquitos are not a problem in the lower keys.

The newspaper article reported 1,000 cases of dengue fever last year. Gross misrepresentation. Actually there were only 5. Mild cases. Some one at the newspaper end obviously failed to properly do their homework before writing the article.

The bottom line is that not only is dengue fever not a concern, neither are mosquitos. My Italian blood is sweet. I was always getting bit in upstate New York. Rarely if ever in Key West.

My day was spent in doctor visits yesterday. The morning visit with my internest led me to a plastic surgeon in the afternoon. A growth. Had to be cut off. The novicane shot was worse than the slicing.

I did Chinese last night. It has been ages. I was out and had a desire for egg foo young. Which was accompanied by fried rice, an egg roll and egg drop soup.

Between doctor visits and later in the evening, I spent time sitting outside with my guests, Donna and Terri. I am enjoying their visit. So are they! Their one week visit is now into its second week. Neither they nor I are sure when they are leaving. Ok by me. They are good people!

The big thing for Terri last night was the sunset. An orange ball. A beauty as it disappeared below the horizon.

Spent some time yesterday preparing for friday’s radio show. Some interesting topics. Like the Gulf oil spill and its impact on garbage dumps, the rise of Mongolian neo-nazism and a pagan’s right to pray.

Golf this morning! Ho ho! Hope I do good!

Two good friends are away. Larry is up north. Marty back in Hallendale. Get your butts back guys! Miss you both!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. A tip for those that want to clear an acre of mosquitos: Purchase a large round (4' across the top, 2' deep) planting bowl with no hole in the bottom for drainage. Put large rocks at the bottom of the bowl, two or three upside down small planting pots. Fill with water, let stand two or three days, purchase water plants and set them on the upside down pots. Call The Mosquito Control people and tell them to deliver (free of charge) Mosquito Eaters. You'll be free of mosquitos and so will your neighbors.

  2. Just found your blog. I think I will read regularly. I lived in Ft Lauderdale until last year when 2 job losses and a short sale on the house wiped me out. I am now in WI working and digging out.

    I miss FL and the Keys a lot. I used to drive down when I could just for the vibe!

  3. Please don't call me a "conservative". I'm a little L libertarian. There's a big difference.

    (1) We have a truly humble view of foreign policy. MYOB. Individual trade with everyone; no foreign entanglements. (We channel George Washington on this.)

    (2) We think that wars are terrible RESPONSES to attacks where we defend ourselves vigorously and then make peace. (Ron Paul expressed this well in the Republican Presidential Debates. He sunk Rudy G's presidential hopes with the "blowback argument".) Why haven't we declared war since WW2? Too inconvenient? When faced with terrorists, we have perfectly Constitution means to deal with them: "Marque and Reprisal". Argh! And both the D's and the R's are too blame.

    (3) Unlike "liberals" and "Democrats", we think that the Gooferment has no role in social policy like marriage — gay or otherwise. There should ZERO welfare — corporate or personal. Like them, we're for our Constitutional rights. All of them; all the time.

    (4) Unlike "conservatives" and "Republicans, we think that the Gooferment has no role in social policy like marriage — gay or otherwise. There should ZERO welfare — corporate or personal. Like them, we think that taxes should be zero or nearly zero.

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but little L libertarians are really into the principle of "Self Ownership" from whence the "Non Aggression" principle flows. There's a great little slide show at: http://www.jonathangullible.com/mmedia/PoL.English.The.Philosophy.of.Liberty.swf

    Libertarians are a scratchy lot and don't aggregate well. Hence the common flag is "Don't tread on me" and the mascot is the porcupine. The USA should be more like Switzerland. Friend to all, neutral in all squabbles, and strong defensively.

    A big difference!

  4. Dengue fever not a problem ?? Dengue/bone break fever is back !! I really wish you could get your facts right, and not only about mosquito's..
    There were 27 confirmed cases in 2009 and 24 so far this year in Key West.. And, there is no such thing as a mild case..
    I guess we need to start spending more time at the Chart Room..
    Patrick and JoAnn

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