Up early this morning!

Going to play golf with Larry Smith and the monday morning gang.

Sun just rising. From where I am sitting on the deck, I can see black clouds and pink covered clouds. We are into the rainy season. May rain today. No, will rain. However I hope it does not rain on me while I am playing golf.

Solares Hill is a terrific weekly that is published every Sunday. Yesterday’s Solares Hill had a quote by Ernest Hemingwway. “I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.”

Wish that was the case! I still carry my Catholic guilt around with me. Catholic grammar school, high school and college. Everything I experienced that made me feel good was bad. Subject matter for the confessional. Still the same on occasion. Our upbringings never leave us.

Love Hemingway! However…..his quote was a white wash for his occasional not so correct living.

There goes my Catholic upbringing again! And judgmental besides! A terrible thing!

I spent yesterday morning in bed enjoying the Sunday morning talk shows.

Lunched at Hogfish. For about 2 hours. Took my time. Read the Sunday papers.

A good crowd. Mostly locals. Many families. Enjoying an easy Sunday.

In between caught the finish of the British Open. This young guy who won is made for life! Good for him! Oh, the million dollars of endorsements he will sign this week! It is good to see success befall a person.

Dinner with Lisa and the family last night. Pizza and fajitas. A good meal!

Always fun to be with the grandchildren. They practiced putting on the living room carpet for about an hour after dinner. I am impressed by their control. They are developing well. This week I plan on taking them to the golf course to play 2 holes. They are more excited about riding in the cart than playing.

I came home to some house work. I have company arriving Tuesday. Donna and Terri. They are not sure how long they will be staying. I had a voice message saying”…we are staying forever!” Whatever! I do not mind. Love them both.

Just my luck! I have two terrific women staying with me. I am now single and eligible. And they are both lesbians! Recently legally joined in a same sex marriage in Milford, Connecticut.

Enjoy your day!

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