Good morning!

The weather continued to be good yesterday. Mid 80s. A bit humid. However…..a breeze! The breeze is key.

My home sits on the water. There is an outside deck that is a bit large. 140′ x 40′. It sits on the ocean. There is a pool and tiki hut on the deck.

I spent yesterday morning sitting under the tiki hut. The tiki hut provided shade. The breeze off the ocean cooled me.

I started work on this friday’s radio show as I sat there.

The Gulf oil spill will continue to play a part. I warn people to get ready now before the disaster befalls the keys to fight the mighty corporate giants who are responsible. The corporations have already prepared for the battle.

I am going to talk about Dixie on the radio show. Remember the tune….. I wish I was in Dixie, hooray, hooray!

Weird dumb laws has been a weekly spot. Everyone seems to enjoy that segment of the show. So I have come up with a new and similar segment. In addition to weird dumb laws, of course. Weird dumb lawsuit of the week! There are many! World wide! The first one will come out of Bolton, England.

I headed over to the Coffee House in the afternoon to read the morning newspapers.

Two large pictures on the front page of the Key West Citizen. One of son in law Corey Malcom. The other of my friend Howard Livingston.

Corey is an archeologist. Chief archeologist for the past 25 years at the Mel Fisher Museum.

There is a sunken schooner in Key West harbor about 5 minutes out from the docks. It is the Marie J. Thompson. It went down about a 100 years ago. No one knows why.

Corey and Don Kincaid are working to set up the Florida Keys Community College with a program to study the sunken ship. The College is excited. The wreck is being incorporated into the College’s curriculum for study as part of its basic research diving course.

Corey was not identified in the picture. There was a large photo of a diver over the wreck. The diver was Corey. The article identified him prominently, however.

Howard Livingston! Keys singer extraordinaire! His picture was prominently displayed on the first page. Howard is doing a fundraising show for the Boys and Girls Club sunday at Margaretaville.

After my newspaper reading, I stopped at Lisa’s to visit with her.

Robert and Ally’s birthdays are coming up. Robert will be 6 on May 15. Ally 5 on June 1. Birthday party time! Lisa has planned a joint party sunday at Fort Zachrey beach. 25 little friends and their parents.

A lot of work! Lisa and I discussed the party arrangements. I am invited also, of course. The grandkids are excited. I am excited. Lisa a wreck over the planning.

I was set to go out last night. Stick and Stein has a pool tournament. I wanted to go over and watch. Then I was going to be at the Pier House’s Wine Galley at 9 to meet with Larry Smith, Guy de Boer and the rest of the gang involved in this developing show we a trying to put together.

I never made it.

My neck pain is still with me. I am ok in the morning. As the day develops, it gets worse. By dinner time, I was in big time pain again. So I took 3 Aleve and stayed home.

A little after 9, Guy telephoned me. He was at the Wine Galley. They were playing with the mechanics for the show. Guy sent me to my computer to view it on Youtube.

We had to play around with it for a while till the picture and voice came through properly. Saw Larry and Gigi. Looked good. Needs fine tuning. Anyhow, I played engineer last night from my home.

That as my exciting day yesterday in Paradise. The way it should be. Soft and easy.

Enjoy your today!

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