A strange Sunday yesterday.

When I woke, my neck felt better. As the day progressed, it got worse. Oh, the pain!

So I stayed in all day, except at dinner time.

Seems like Tiger and I have a similar problem. The sore neck that is. Nothing more. I am not that lucky.

It was Mother’s Day. I wanted to show honor to Lisa. So I showered and dressed and headed over to her home for Mother’s Day dinner.

I stopped at Publix on the way. Bought Lisa 3 red roses. $9.989. It’s the thought that counts!

I also bought some goodies for Louis. I had this sudden urge for ice cream. Half gallons were on sale. I have never bought a half gallon. I did! Cappacino with fudge ripples.

I decided to go all the way. Also bought a quart of club soda and chocolate syrup. I was going to make my own chocolate ice cream soda later in the evening. Lisa would never permit the grandkids to eat that sort of thing. Robert and Ally eat healthy.

While I was at Publix, I also decided to buy some canned peaches. I enjoy sliced peaches in a light syrup. I had been buying Del Monte’s. Then I noticed a couple of weeks ago that Dole sold a similar product for a dollar less. So I have been buying Dole.

No more!

I checked out the fine print on the Dole bottle yesterday. It reads…..F /China.

Enough said.

I did check out the Del Monte bottle also. No such labeling. I am assuming it is not prepared and bottled in China.

Lisa was thrilled with the roses! Cried! Made me feel good! Love that girl!

When I got home after dinner, it was time for my chocolate soda treat.

I took a jar with a cap that merely pressed on and sealed. Poured some Hershey’s chocolate syrup in. Then a few scoops of ice cream. Topped it off with a lot of club soda.

My intent was to enjoy something between a chocolate ice cream soda and a chocolate egg cream. To those of you who might not know what an egg cream is, it is the best!

I capped all the ingredients. Then shook the bottle. My fingers were lightly on the cap.

Suddenly there was an explosion! The cap flew off! Chocolate all over! Me, the sink, the counter, the window over the sink, the wall topping the window and the ceiling.

A real mess!

I laughed. How stupid you are, I thought.

The mess had to be cleaned up. I was concerned about the wall and ceiling. We are talking about an area ten foot square on the ceiling alone.

I got a step ladder. And bad back and all, scrubbed away. It seemed like I got the brown spots. Left wet spots all over. The success of the clean up would not be known till this morning.

It is this morning. I was…..how do you say……sort of successful. Some water spots show. The kitchen will need a paint job.

I miss spoke in yesterday’s blog. I said Harry Truman’s birthday was Saturday and there was a big celebration at the Little White House. I also said I did not attend since I was in the mood for a different sort of Key West day. I went to the beach and then to a pet parade at Geiger Key.

Truman’s birthday was not Saturday. It is next Saturday. And a big event is planned at the Little White House. His grandson will be there and many others who will speak of Truman and his Pacific experiences. Including his relationship with MacArthur.

I am an admirer of Truman. One of our great Presidents from my perspective. I wanted to share with everyone that he was being honored here in Key West, even if I did not attend the event. Maybe I will get to it this coming Saturday.

Mark Howell does a lengthy column each Sunday in Solares Hill. One of the items he commented on in yesterday’s publication was the Gulf oil spill.

Let me share some of the interesting facts he provided.

The rig was built in 2001 at a cost of $350 million. It is owned by Transocean. Transocean leases it to BP (British Petroleum) at a cost of $500,000 per day. The lease runs through 2013. BPs drilling operation costs are $1 million per day additional.

Obviously there is a lot of money to be made in petroleum production! A great investment is only made if a comparable profit is obtainable. BP’s reported profit for the first quarter of this year was in the billions.

BP does this world wide.

Enjoy your day!

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