Happy Easter!

I am up early. Like 6 o’clock. I have to be at Lisa’s at 8:30. Easter egg hunt time in the back yard.

Lisa warned me yesterday. Be on time! Robert and Ally will be anxious to get started. For them, it is like getting up Christmas morning and wanting to rush to the living room to see what Santa has brought.

Many Key West locals will be up early this morning also. They gather at the beaches to watch the sun rise Easter morning. A bit of a tradition.

My day started in the morning yesterday with a visit from Lisa, Corey and the grandkids. Lisa and Donna are friends. Lisa wanted to see Donna and meet Terri.

Good luck, I told Lisa! These are theatre people. They sleep late! No early to bed and early to rise for them.

Makes sense. Terri works till close to midnight. Then they have dinner and drinks. They are to bed around 3:30-4. They sleep till 1:30-2.

They are like babies. On a different time schedule!

Later in the morning, I went to Lisa’s. Egg coloring time! I love it! Did it with my children! My other grandchildren! And now again with Robert and Ally! God is good!

We did the deed at the kitchen table. Lisa had it covered with newspapers. Several small soup dishes filled with different colored fluids.

Robert and Ally did the names first with crayons. Lisa had hard boiled the eggs the night before.

Then came the coloring.

Robert likes multiple colors. No overlapping. He is very meticulous.

Ally likes multiple colors also. But she rolls the whole egg in each color so you never know what the final color will be.

With several dishes of color liquid on the table and the grandkids arms flaying around, I knew it was a disaster waiting to occur. It always is.

Ally knocked over the dish of yellow. Spread it all over the table. No problem. She continued with other colors. Lisa cleaned up.

While the grandkids were coloring, I was also. There are a couple of eggs done by the master himself.

The scene brought me back to when I was Robert and Ally’s age. 4-5. Who had egg coloring in those days!

My grandmother used to boil onions. The liquid residue was dark brown. The eggs were immersed in the dark brown liquid. All our Easter eggs were colored dark brown!

Before colloring the eggs, we used to write names on each egg with soap.

A good memory!

Then I took a walk. Having company and extra food in the refrigerator has caused me to eat a bit more than I usually do. I am a picker. I avoid the eating problem by keeping very little food in the house. However with company, I have to be the good host so the refrigerator is full. And so is my stomach! Bad!

I needed the walk!

Then it was to the Coffee House to read the New York Times. I was hoping to run into Jane who I had met there the day before. But alas, no Jane.

My evening started at the Chart Room. Captain Peter and bartender Michael and I chatted for a while. I bought Peter a holiday drink. He is one nice person.

I was anxious to get to the Sports Page Bar. Two great Final Four basketball games to watch.

The place was packed. The whole world was there watching the games. I was lucky to get a seat at the bar.

I was also thrilled! There for the first time I saw the Syracuse flag hanging from the ceiling. Right in front! In all its glory!

I was proud. I am a die hard Syracuse fan.

The flag hangs at the Sports Page due to the thoughtfulness and genrosity of Larry from Syracuse. He mailed it to me and asked that I have it hung. It awaits his visit next year. We will drink together beneath it.

The Butler/Michigan State game was terrific. Butler won by 2 points. Butler wins because of its ferocious defense. That is why they beat Syracuse and everyone else so far in the tournament.

The second game was not exciting at all. Duke trounced West Virginia by 16 points. Never a game.

I expected more from West Virginia. They were a force in the Big East this year.

I have to move swiftly now. Shower, shave and all that. And then to Lisa’s for the Easter egg hunt. Actually Lisa has more than eggs hidden. She also hides books, games and toys for Robert and Ally.

Then Lisa has planned a brunch for us.

Should be fun!

Enjoy your holiday!

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