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The moral of the story is don’t shave and drive. Especially your privates!

At bocce last night one of the players from the team we were playing asked if we had heard about the accident. What accident? He claimed a woman was driving, shaving her bikini area at the same time and had an accident.

At first, we thought he was joking. No, he was serious. We laughed. I thought who could make up a story like that. I figured if it is for real, it would be in the morning paper.

It is. The headline reads…..”Driver Lacked Razor-Sharp Focus.”

A woman was driving on U.S. 1 at mile marker 21 in Cudjoe Key. She had a date with her boy friend. She was shaving her privates while driving to him. Her ex husband was in the passenger seat. He took the wheel to assist. An accident occurred.

This is better than don’t drink and drive! Don’t shave and drive! Especially your personal parts!

Only in the Key West area would this happen! No question about it!

Lunched yesterday at the new Kennedy Cafe. It is located in the strip mall off the Boulevard on Kennedy Drive. Dan and Lisa from Skaneatles had recommended it to me last week. Since they own and have operated a restaurant up north for more than 20 years, I figured they knew what they were talking about.

They did.

I had what Dan ate. A bowl of chicken and rice soup with a chunk of some kind of bread. Good! Great!

The restaurant is called Kennedy Cafe. Specialty is Mediterranean food–what ever that is. Appears to be American, Turkish, Italian, Cuban and Uzbek foods.

I will return.

I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon at the Coffee House absorbing the New York Times.

Seated near me almost every day is the same fellow. We talked yesterday. His name is Rock. He bar tends. Summers at Martha’s Vineyard. Winters some place warm. This year Key West. He made a mistake. Not warm. We laughed about it.

Rock bar tends at Azur. I am ashamed to say I have never eaten at Azur. Azur is about 2 years old. The cook from Antonia’s went there and opened his own place. Antonia type food. Since I no longer eat at Antonia’s, I should try Azur. Soon.

Last night was bocce. The driver’s story was the hit of the night. Bocce for our team certainly was not. We lost the first two games. Badly. I played the second game. None of us had it. A bad night! A very bad night!

And very cold! A damp chill. I was buried in clothes. Layered. I have no more clothes to wear. The chill ate into my bones. I left after the second game. Intended to go straight home to my warm bed. I stopped at Lisa’s on the way to visit the family.

Robert and Ally had just finished their baths. We sat and talked. They had had their first Spanish lesson in school yesterday. They both were impressing me with the words they were rattling off in Spanish. They each knew all the colors.

It was time for Poppa to impress them. I stayed away from the Spanish however. I picked up the newspaper. Asked them if they knew what it was. The both said paper. Then I asked them if they knew what paper was made from. This was my moment to impress them.

Ally gave me a blank look. Robert shouted out…..trees!

So much for impressing the grandkids!

Again, please watch my radio show on I already had a good show prepared. Now it is even better. My opening comments willl obviously concern an admonition against shaving one’s privates and driving!

Enjoy your day!

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