Only 365 days to Christmas!

Ho ho!

Great day yesterday! Especially Christmas morning.

I was supposed to be at Lisa’s for gift opening at 8. I was late. So the grandkids and others did their thing without me. No problem. I understood.

After the hugs and kisses and Merry Christmases, Robert and Ally showed me what Santa Claus had brought them. They were excited and pleased. They got everything they wanted plus. As it should be.

Toys have changed since Santa used to visit my children. I remember Santa Claus bringing bicycles, sleighs and the like. I know. What good are sleighs in Key West!

The toys are different though. Robert received a wolverine claw. Press a button and five fingers shoot out about 2 feet. Scary. Dangerous. And guns that shot ping pong balls and darts. Ally was more conservative. Barbie dolls and a small computer.

Breakfast was big time. Lisa did herself proud. The table was a picture of beauty. Eggs, ham, bacon, raisin toast, english muffins, granola, yogurt, fresh fruit all cut up and everything else!

I did not eat. Lisa understood. I was back on my diet. Christmas eve was enough for me.

I stayed a couple of hours. Chatted. Played with the grandkids. But not much. They were very into their new toys.

Then I headed over to the Coffee House on Duval. I wanted to sit and enjoy the New York Times.

The Coffee House was crowded. Packed. No where to sit. I was lucky to be standing in the right spot when some one got up to leave.

I have never seen so many people in the Coffee House.

The first person I saw when I entered was Jackie Grimm. Jackie from the night before at Lisa’s. We hugged and kissed. Jackie looked beautiful. Her Key West reputation has always been that she dresses in total black. With her long flowing white hair, she looks terrific! And so she was dressed yesterday morning. Topped off with a black hat.

I sat quietly for about an hour, read the Times and sipped coffee.

Yesterday was day 15 of my diet. 15 pounds gone. Time to start exercising. That meant walking. So I walked Duval and back. Handled it well till almost the end when I tired a bit. I will be ok.

What stood out as I walked Duval was the number of people in town. I can never remember Key West this crowded at Christmas time. So crowded that every restaurant serving breakfast had a long line waiting outside to get in. I had never seen people standing outside before to get into any restaurant.

The crowds consisted of two types. Families and older people. Interesting. Not the usual type and mix.

Last night started with the Chart Room. I figured many of my local friends would be there and I could celebrate the holiday further with them.

The Chart Room was empty! Only Mark the bartender.

Mark told me I was only the third customer all night. Strange since the town was full. Whatever. We talked a bit and I decided it was time to eat.

My plan was the Hot Tin Roof.

The bar was packed. Two empty seats. A gentleman moved over one seat so I could get a good view of the TV and the basketball game.

I was looking forward to some snapper or mahi mahi and a bit of spinach on the side. Wanted to stay on my diet. Hot Tin Roof was not cooperating. They had a special Christmas menu that was one huge meal. About 18 items and you got it all.

Sheila the bartender laughed. She knew what my reaction would be as soon as I saw the menu.

No way!

I had a cup of coffee instead. And chatted with the fellow sitting next to me who had moved over for me.

His name was Kerry McNally. He is a theartical producer of sorts. He had just arrived in Key West. He would be here a few days filming a documentary on Key West.

We chatted a long time.

Kerry is presently associated with the CBS Minneapolis affiliate. He has been actor, comedian, TV host and movie producer in his lifetime. An interesting guy.

Tennessee Williams is big every where! Especially in Key West! He lived here for a number of years. Wrote many of his most well known works while residing here. Our community college’s theater is named after him.

The restaurant Kerry and I were sitting in is called Hot Tin Roof. Tennessee Williams wrote it. Paul Newman starred in the movie.

Kerry spent several years with the prestigous Hamptons Theater Company. While so involved, he played the Paul Newman role. He also had his own radio show in the Hamptons.

An actor is an actor. Capable of performing multiple roles. Kerry also was/is a comedian. He has opened for Ray Romano, Chris Rock and Geraldo.

He already has one significant documentary under his belt. He did one a few years ago about some lakes up north. I viewed it when I got home. A good job.

He is in Key West to do a similar documentary. Key West A Love Affair.

Kerry had already shot the setting sun last night. He has hired a plane and pilot to fly him over the lower keys so he can film the keys from the air. And he has a sunset cruise booked to do some similar filming.

An interesting guy.

He left me after dinner to hurry over to the Green Parrot to do some drinking. Apparently whoever owns the Green Parrot also owns the garge where he parks his car in Minneapolis.

We agreed to meet again Monday night and have dinner together. At a time when I can eat.

It was then home for me. I still had not eaten. I was not in the mood to stop somewhere on the way home. Instead I decided to have a double dose of my diet food when I arrived home.

Prior to bed, I consumed 4 ounces of water with a chocolate powder mixed in it. And a 3 inch long 1/4 inch thick candy bar. Both loaded with grams of protein.

What a good life I lead!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad you had a Merry Christmas and have been doing so well on your diet.

    It was great to meet you at Antonia's right after Thanksgiving (luckily I stumbled across it back in Nov now that I've read about the boycott!). In the month I've back in Boston, I cannot count how many "below average temperature" days we've had. It's been tough walking around the city in the cold wind and boy, have I missed Key West!

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