I am up at my normal time this morning. It is dark outside! Pitch black!

Yesterday was another quiet one.

I walked. And walked some more. Exercise is king!

Then I stopped at Lisa’s. My computer was still on the bum. Used hers to check things. It was lunch time. Lisa came home. We had a sandwich together sitting in the kitchen. Our conversation primarily surounded her internet department store Via Key West. www.viakeywest.com.

After lunch I went over to the Coffee House. I ended up having a chocolate something and devouring the New York Times. Every section of the Times!

I spent the rest of the afternoon and early part of the evening working on tomorrow’s radio show.

I want the broadcast to be current issue wise. Talking about today’s events where possible.

This week’s big legal issue seems to be the trial of some of the 9/11 culprits in civilian court. Federal Court in New York City.

What a furor! People are talking about it every where here in Key West. Most are opposed. They feel these persons who are allegedly responsible for 9/11 should be tried in a military court. The issue is also a hot one on the television talk shows.

Tomorrow it is the issue on the Key West Lou Legal Hour. At 1 pm on KONK 1680 AM radio and on the internet at www.konkam.com. Listen in! Should be interesting!

I have a busy day today. Golf this morning. A meeting involving the radio show this afternoon.

Will I get off the tee this morning? I doubt it. But I will try. It is the weakest part of my game these days. Very weak. I drive like an old lady. Maybe it’s because I am an old man. Actually age and sex have nothing to do with it. I just do not drive correctly. Do not know why. Nor can any one who watches me tell me. It is my cross to bear!

Almost forgot. Lisa telephoned me last night. I missed soccer since I was absorbed in preparing for tomorrow’s radio show. Ally scored 2 goals at soccer last night!

My granddaughter!

Enjoy your day!

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