It is going to be another beautiful day here in Key West.

The sun is up. Cloudy though. So gray outside. A bit breezy. The clouds will move out. And it will be another bright 80 plus degee day!

Yesterday I was up and out early. Needed a haircut. Got to chat with my barber Lori. She now owns her own shop. She has become a businesswoman! It is interesting to talk with her.

I then walked over to the Coffee House on Duval. Had a choca mocha. Good! And read the local newspaers and the New york Times.

Then to Borders. I was still in a reading mood.

I recently finished the Abraham Lincoln book On Becoming Abraham Lincoln. It was written in 1893 by a John T. Morse. Morse lived during Lincoln’s Presidency.

I enjoyed the book tremendously. The fact that Morse was there when Lincoln was President gave it a special flavor. The only negative concerning the book was that it ended with Lincoln on the train to Washington to be sworn in.

Two things stood out in the Lincoln book.

The first was the clamor over slavery. For 30 years prior to the Civil War, it was a big time political issue. Much like abortion is today. Compromises were made. The issue seemed to be settled. Then it would rear its ugly head again.

The other was the degree of hatred that existed with regard to Lincoln. He may have won the election. But many in the country had a profound dislike for him. Mocked him mecilessly. Much like Obama is attacked today.

After his election, Lincoln had to travel to Washington to be sworn in. He had no secret Service for the trip. Appaarently he would get Secret Service protection after he was sworn in.

There was a plot to kill Lincoln as he changed trains in Baltimore on his way to Washington. Lincoln became aware of the plot. He made the train trip with a friend. Just the two of them. He wore a different hat. Not the usual one he was known by. He sat in a train car with other passangers. No one recognized him.

Lincoln also changed his route. He skipped Baltimore.

I started a new book a few days ago. David Plouffe was Obama’s campaign manager. His book The Audacity to Win has just come out. Interesting so far. I am only up to page 65 so not in a position to comment yet, except again that it is interesting.

My afternooon was spent getting ready for tomorrow’s radio show. Mortgage forelosures! Listen in to Key West KONK 1680 AM radio. My guest is Jerry Coleman. The subject mortgage foreclosures. Outside Key West you can pick up the show on the internet at The internet hookup is available world wide. So everyone, please listen in! It is going to be a people versus the banks show!

Last night was soccer and Ally. As I was getting ready to go over to the field to watch my granddaughter play, Lisa telephoned. Stay home. It is raining.

Rain is strange here in the keys. I live on the island of Key Haven. Soccer is played at the school on Stock Island. The next island from me. Not even a quarter of a mile away. It was raining on Stock Island, but not in Key Haven!

So I headed straight for the Chart Room. No sense in wasting the extra time.

A good crowd at the Chart Room.

Valerie was there. She is one of the bartenders at Hot Tin Roof. And so was Stepanie. Stephanie is the shoe girl. She writes a terrific social blog which always starts with shoes and ends up discussing a world problem. Stephanie also runs an agency dealing with the homeless.

Che and Marty were at the bar also. These two solve the world’s many problems every time they get together.

Mark was holding up the fort by bartending.

Later, Marty and I headed over to Michael’s for dinner. It was steak night. The steaks were terrific!

Golf this morning! I have not played in 3 weeks. I will play lousy. But I look forward to playing. I have missed the golf and the nuts I play with.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I am constantly amazed by the claims that Obama is somehow being demonized to heights unseen before.

    The amnesia by most of the Obama supporters in this country is appalling. I can understand not keeping up with history long past.

    But you only have to go back to the previous administration to see the contrast. That is pretty recent history, which seems to be completely forgotten.

    The hatred of George W Bush was beyond anything that Obama is now experiencing. Go back and read the stories in the NY Times, also read various stories covering television reporting of that time.

    Notice the selection of headlines compared to other issues of the day. Read how the articles are framed, the wording, the assumptions made.

    You will hopefully see the insidious slanting of the news which was against Bush, you will see what I'm talking about.

    Now compare this with the news of today about Obama. You should see such a contrast that it SHOULD educate you about the prevalence of bias in all of our media coverage. You will see that the majority of news is strongly tipped Obama's way.

    I know that FoxNews is a right leaning news organization. But they admit it openly. Anyone who watches and reads FoxNews for all their information is sadly uninformed. As is anyone who reads only the NY Times.

    Read and watch from many sources. The NT Times, FoxNews, NBC, Wall Street Journal, etc. Take time to read columnists of all stripes….Charles Krauthammer, Victor Davis Hanson, Camille Paglia, Thomas Freidman, Christopher Hitchens, etc.

    Become INFORMED. And learn to know bias when you read/hear it.

    Because there has never been a time when our president has had more of a free ride from the 'finders of truth'. Unchecked power is not good for any country.

  2. Wow, some politically charged comments today! Anyway, if you want a reality check on past and present politics, I highly recommend the book by David McCullough named, John Adams. In short, nothing has changed. Our founders of modern American politics designed it this way. Therefore, there is nothing to get worked up about!

    From a personal interest, there is a passage describing Adam's making his frequent trips to/from Boston and Philadelphia and he goes right by my historic home on the Connecticut River before crossing the river – cool stuff. I gave consideration of digging up the yard to look for some Adam's litter, but that would follow with landscaping repair. Easier to let my imagination run wild on my front porch. Less effort, same results after a few cocktails.

    Lou and Chart Room gang, maybe see you around turkey time.

    A thought and a prayer to our Veterans!

    Regards, Mike (of the Mike & Tina)

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