I am back!

My computer was down a couple of days. That is why no blog yesterday.

I finally got it turned on this afternoon. It took me about 3 hours with AT&T.

An experience! I am too old for this!

I went through several AT&T personnel before I found some one who could help. I think the reaon was she wanted to help. It is easy to say it is not my problem, you have to call another department, etc. I was getting moved around and exasperated till I found Shaneka.

My heroine, Shaneka. She works for AT&T in Birmingham. She should be promoted! Given a raise! A good AT&T representative! She stuck with me through thick and thin and got me up and running.

I told Shaneka to read this blog. I am now telling her to have her superiors read it. Sometimes people have to be made aware of who their valued people are.

Thank you again, Shaneka!

Ida. Ida is here. No question. It is still hurricane season. We made it all these months without a single storm till now. And the hurricane season ends in 3 weeks.

Ida is coming up at us from the Caribbean. Nicaragua to be exact. Unusual to have a huricane from the south. They normally start off the coast of Africa and travel west towards us.

Whatever, Ida is approaching. And she is to be feared. Ida already left 124 dead when she passed over El Salvador.

There is wind every where today. Around 40 miles per hour. The trees are blowing every which way. There is no consistency in the wind direction.

Years ago when I used to sail in a 44 foot Morgan in the summers off the north coast of Long Island, I learned that wind is fickle. You never know which way it is going to blow. And that is the way it is today. Fickle! Every which way!

Whitecaps on the water, also.

Cloudy. Dark gray all day.

In spite of the wind and everything else, it is warm. 86 degrees.

I have sand all around my home. Not normal. The wind is blowing it ashore. You cannot see it till it settles. You cannot feel it if you are outside. But once it is on the ground, you can see it. I have a large amount about an inch deep in front of my driveway. The concrete area around the pool is covered with sand. And when I went out to get the mail, there was sand inside the mailbox and the mail was covered lightly with sand. The mailbox is closed. An indication of how strong the wind is.

Saturday night I went to a terrific party. A wedding party.

Patrick has been my friend for 20 years. He was one of the first people I met when I initially discovered Key West.

Patrick has been partnered with Les for 27 years.

They finally got married. Three weeks ago. In Iowa. They went to Iowa because Iowa recognizes and permits gay marriages.

Last night a surprise party was thrown for Patrick and Les at the Smith home on Shark Key. A first class party. Lovely people. Everyone happy for Patrick and Les. Everyone otherwise happy, anyhow. That is the way it is here in the keys. Everyone loves everyone else and everyone is happy. What a life!

I had a wonderful time last night! It was more special because Lisa and Corey were there. Lisa is even closer to Patrick than I. My grandkids love him and he loves them. He is Uncle Patrick.

As you will recall, my friends Donna and Terri married last week in New York City. Gay weddings seem to abound.

I love them both dearly. They have sent me some wedding pictures and there are others on Facebook. Looks like I missed a terrific party!

Terri success seems to grow and grow. From being a homeless person last year sleeping on a park bench in New York City to a starring role today in the newly opened Finian’s Rainbow on Broadway.

The New York Times did a page one story on her last week. She appeared on the Katie Couric show last friday. And Donna tells me that People Magazine just interviewed Terri for an article.

Go Terri! You broke your leg big time!

Shaneka, thank you again! I never would have made it today without you!

Everyone…..enjoy your day!

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