Big day yesterday!

My first radio show and bocci!

The radio show went well. Or so I am told. I received about 15 e mails and a similar number of telephone calls. The e mails were from all over. Some from Key West, most from the States and one from Milan, Italy. The telephone calls were all local.

It looks like Louis Petrone presents the Key West Lou Legal Hour is going to make it.

I found the experience exciting! Never did radio before. My two guests made my job easy. Raieppe Avael and Tala Dutson were from the Southernmost Homeless Assistance League. Very knowledgable. Very helpful. Made my first time easy.

I was disappointed there were no call ins. I would like to mix it up over the telephone. In due course.

Next week I am doing a show on mortgage foreclosures. Something that affects most families and every area of the country. It should be a great show. Please listen in.

Bocci last night!

We lost 2 out of 3 games. We played a team that was tied with us. Both teams are fighting to get into the playoffs. They destroyed us in the first game. Beat us by 2 points in the second. And we beat them by 2 points in the third.

Every one played decent bocci, except for………………….Donald! Don, you said it was alright for me to say it in the blog!

Don celebrated a bit too much before he arrived for the games. And a bit more during the games. He is generally very good. Last night he had a Louis night as when Louis is off. It was hard for him to locate the polina on the court! But he did keep the ball on the court!

Such is life! We all still love you Don!

We still can make the play offs. There are 6 games left. I am told we have to win 4 of the 6. Sounds easy. Not. We shall see.

There was a strong wind last night. Came off the Atlantic. The bocci courts are on the Atlantic. I could feel the chill. Wished I had brought a sweat shirt. It was touching on cool and yet the temperature was 79 degrees.

This morning the wind is blowing big time. The palm trees are bending. The ocean waves are 2-3 feet. The wind is coming from the north.

I suspect the wind is the result of the bad weather up north.

There is a hurricane which has formed in the Caribbean. It is presently off Honduras. It is not expected to be a big one. It will hit somewhere in the Gulf. Perhaps the keys. We are not feeling the hurricane wind yet.

We have been lucky so far this year. No hurricanes. November is the last month for hurricanes. It would be a pain to have to put up with one at this late date. It is a pain to put up with one at any time. Regardless of its force.

November is not too late for a hurricane to hit Key West. In the last 10 years my recollection is Georges and Wilma hit us, both of which were big ones. I could be wrong on the names. But there were 2 November disasters.

Typical of Key West people, no one is worrying about this possible hurricane which could hit next week.

I am going to shower and then take a walk along the waterfront. Then I will treat myself to breakfast some where. The cupboard is bare again! I need a woman to shop for me!

Enjoy your day!

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