I am up later this morning. And so is the sun. Another great Key West day in the making!

Yesterday was a terrific one people wise.

It started at lunch. My luncheon companion was Maxine Makover. A charming lady.

Maxine is one of the owners of Knit Wits. Knit Wits is located on Whitehead, behind the Mel Fisher Museum. It is part of that series of small stores elevated above street level and fronted by a long white railed porch.

Knit Wits is a yarn shop. They sell yarn. And it is a winner! People continue to purchase yarn for knitting and what have you in spite of the economy. Probably because it is reasonably priced and provides a calming affect when used.

The store has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The word that best describes it might be enticing.

A knitter I am not not. So much of what Maxine explained to me about the activity was a learning experience. The thing that made the largest impact on me was that people have to be able to “feel” the yarn before they buy it. It is all in the feel! Interesting. The feel thing came up when I suggested that selling yarn had to be a big time internet business. Maxine said no. People want to be physically present in order to feel.

I learn something new every day!

We talked of our families. Maxine’s son is Travis Fine. A former actor. Now a screen writer and director. As a result of which Maxine has become a film investor and part time movie producer.

The interesting people we meet in Key West!

Travis has written a screen play entitled The Space Between. It is a 9/11 film about a stewardess and 12 year old passenger who are grounded on 9/11 in Amarillo, Texas. The boy’s father was in the World Trade Center on 9/11. The stewardess has to get the boy back to New York City immediately following the tragedy. The boy is Arab.

Production of the film is underway at this time.

The stewardess is played by Melissa Leo. Melissa is known to all for her many TV series roles. Especially, All My children and the Young Riders. She received an Emmy nomination for All My Children.

Most significantly, Melissa was nominated for an Oscar this present year of 2009. She was nominated for the Academy Award as best actress for her starring role in the movie Frozen River.

Melissa and Travis are long time friends. They starred in various TV shows in the past. Their most recent performances together were in Young Riders which had a successful run on TV for several years.

What a combination! Melissa starring! Travis writing and directing! And Key West’s own Maxine producing!

Last night started at the Chart Room. Captain Peter and Michael. Good conversation. Interesting people all!

I decided to have dinner at Antonia’s.

Good bar companions during dinner. A restauranteur from London named Mitchell. He and his wife used to vacation in Key West yearly. She died 15 months ago. This was his first trip back.

Mitchell was seated to my left and Stash, a local artist, to my right.

Somehow the conversation got around to 9/11. Not at my suggestion. It just happened. You will recall that 9/11 was part of my luncheon conversation with Maxine.

Mitchell I believe raised the subject. He pointed how all of England was saddened by our tragedy. Apparently the whole world. He and his wife visited Key West soon thereafter. His impression was that the saddness here was not as pronounced as elsewhere.

My mind ran back to the time trying to recall. I had been in New York at the time and returned to Key West soon thereafter.

Stash interjected before my thought process had been formulated. He was in New York on 9/11. He returned to Key West soon thereafter. He drove back.

He said that the emotions were running high as his trip started and into the mid Atlantic states. Flags everywhere. Feelings could be felt at each stop.

Then the atitutde and atmosphere began to diminish. The farther he got from New York City, the less attention people seemed to give to the 9/11 national tragedy.

Interesting observations from both which made for interesting conversation.

I stopped at Don’s Place on the way home for a night cap. Ran into golfing buddy Randy at the outside bar. Had a drink with him. Went inside. Spoke with Michelle. A very nice person. She is a part time bartender at Don’s and plays bocci with us Thursday nights.

Then home to bed.

Enjoy your day!

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