A pleasant day yesterday!

I went to Fort Zachrey Taylor beach. The night before at the Chart Room, Marty and Captain Peter said they would be there and asked me to join them. By the fence on the left side.

I was there. Marty and Captain Peter were not.

No loss. I opened my sand chair and book and enjoyed the afternoon!

The young ladies were hot. The water cool.

I got hungry. Bought a hot dog! Delicious!

After a much needed shower (I hate all the sand that sticks to you when you leave the beach), I took a nap. The sun had knocked me out.

Then to Lisa’s for dinner.

Ally is 4. We play a game every time I arrive. She hides. I have to find her. I make believe I cannot. She gets excited!

Last night I really could not find her! She genuinely fooled me!

She hid her small body under the crumpled blanket on her brother’s bed. “I fooled you, Poppa,” she exclaimed!

After dinner, to the Chart Room. I can only take the grandkids so long.

The Chart Room was very busy. Five couples were in from the Tampa area to celebrate someone’s 40th birthday.

And they were doing it up big time! The night before was the roof top at the Bull and Bare Assets. Ho ho ho!

Marty still had to eat. So we went to the Hot Tin Roof.

I had a couple of drinks while he dined.

Jean and Joe Thornton showed up. Jean is one of the Mel Fisher’s Golden Girls.

And then Chris arrived.

I have not seen Chris since bocci season ended. He is around 40. A superior athlete. A scratch golfer. Probably the best bocci player on Don’s 3 teams. He works in the health food store on Simington. As you would guess, his body is slim and tight. Oh, for discipline and good health!

We had great conversation for a very long time. Then Marty mentioned that he and I were going to the Keys Piano Bar. Jean and Joe had never been there. So they joined us. Chris was off to a party somewhere.

The Keys was as good as the night before! Jean and Joe enjoyed it immensely. I have a feeling they are going to become regular customers there.

How can one not enjoy great voices belting out Broadway tunes!

That was my day! A very good day!

And now it is Sunday. My favorite day! Meet the Press, the Sunday papers, the grandkids, the Gardens in the early evening and every thing else in between!

Larry Smith is featuring Kate Miano at his Sunday Showcase at 9 tonight in the Wine Galley. Kate has one terrific voice. I plan on being there to hear her. Hope some of you can also.

Live a little! Enjoy your day!

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  1. I have to do it, Lou…

    You wrote, "the health food store on Simington."

    I'm sure you meant, "Simonton," right?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  2. I have to do it, Lou…

    You wrote, "the health food store on Simington."

    I'm sure you meant, "Simonton," right?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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