Lori is back!

Lori cuts my hair. And every one elses.

Her beauty shop Blown Away is on Southard, just off Duval.

Lori took a month’s vacation. Visited family in Maine and Long Island.

Lori is a petite lovely blond. Always pale. Works long hours and has little time for beach and boating. She was not pale yesterday! What a tan! She got in a lot of beach time on her vacation!

I had a craving for eggs benedict for lunch. So I went to the Pier House. The Pier House’s eggs benedict are absolutely delicious! Figured I would eat on the out door deck by the ocean.

No eggs benedict!

I got there after 11. They stop serving eggs benedict at 11. A stupid rule! They had all other egg preparations on the menu. Anyhow…..no problem. I had ham and eggs. Which were good! But did not satisfy my need for an eggs benedict fix!

Met Marty and Captain Peter at the Chart Room last night. Had a couple of drinks with them. Captain Peter has not been feeling well lately. However, last night he appeared to be on the mend. In fact, he was drinking. The first time in about a week.

Marty and I had dinner at La Trattoria. The retaurant was busy. Good for this time of the year.

There was a time when Key West was dead in the summer. No more. Over the years, business has been picking up. Especially on the weekends.

Beecha of course was her usual lovely self. What a nice person! Her hugs make me happy!

I said good night to Marty after dinner with the intention of going directly home. On my way to the car, I changed my mind. It was still early.

I decided to stop at the Keys Piano Bar. Had not been there in a while.

Glad I went! The singing was spectacular!

The concept of bringing in New York professional singers has proved successful! The Keys Piano Bar adds another dimension to Key West.

Today is Lobsterfest!

Duval will be closed off at the tourist end. Stands erected. Lobster will be prepared and cooked in a variety of ways. People will gather and walk up and down the street. And eat different preparations of lobster. Generally with their fingers!

A Key West experience!

Have a good day!

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