I had a good time yesterday! A very good time!

Don decided to have a pool party. A last minute thing.

Don’s wife Stephanie is still up at their lake home in Indiana. So Don played host. He did a good job!

Nancy and Mike showed up. So did Dan and Cindy. David. Larry and Christine. And me!

The pool party was a good idea. We used to take turns having them several years ago. Then they stopped. People seemed to have tired of them.

Not yesterday. The pool party was great!

Picture it. Several adults floating around a pool. Drinking, of course. And conversing.

It was a heavy humid day. The pool water was cool and refreshing. After leaving it, your body had cooled down sufficiently so that the humidity was no longer an issue. Terrific!

Interesting people floating around. Crazy conversations. Almost as good as the Chart Room.

Nancy and Michael are from the upstate New York Batavia area. Nancy was a college hippy in days gone boy. Particpated in the demonstrations of the 1960s. And proud of it! She helped to change the national thinking of those days.

Nancy used to be general mangaer at Fast Buck Freddies. Don became aware of her talents. Now she is general manager at Don’s Place. Runs it all! The indoor bar, the outdoor bar and the liquor store!

Michael has been invovlved in the restaurant business one way or another since his early school days. Even while in the military. He was a mess sergeant. Now he tends bar at Don’s Place. He does the early morning shift. Starts at 7 am. Actually unlocks the door.

Michael says they are waiting in line to get in. Some even take cabs. It is a breakfast club!

Don says he does his best business is from 7 am to 11 am each morning. Breaskfast club memebrs are good customers!

David impressed me! He is son in law to Michael and Nancy. He is the general manager of Fat Tuesdays. That place where you get those fancy cool thick mixed drinks. Like pina colodas.

I was absolutely impressed to hear David speak of what goes into running a place like Fat Tuesdays. A smart young man. He has a great business future ahead of him!

Dan works at Don’s liquor store. Cindy is his wife. The two of them should be a stand up comedy act. They reminded me of George Burns and Gracie Allen. Except that the rolls were reversed. Cindy is George and Dan is Gracie. Great one liners back and forth!

Larry is Larry! Of Pier house and Wine Galley fame.

He was showing us the large bruise/cut on the top of his head.

Larry and Christine have a lovely home. It has a very small pool in the back. I would describe it as just a bit larger than a dip pool. It does have depth. Six feet at one end.

Larry decided to suddenly swim. A swimming pool it is not. He projected himself into the wall of the pool. And got a bloody head as a result thereof.

Christine is a charming person. A school teacher for many years. She was Teacher of the Year several years ago. I always enjoy Christine’s company. A sincere good woman! Lovely, also!

Christine is a woman of many talents. She sings professionally around town. She also paints. Watercolors. And they are starting to sell! Good for you, Christine!

Don is Don. We all know and love Don.

The pool party was to include a cookout. Steaks. It was hot! No one really wanted to work in any fashion. So we did Chinese take out. The meal was delicious. There was no preparation and the clean up was easy.

That was my Saturday.

I was home in bed around 7. Watched TV. Fell asleep early. And slept well!

It is Sunday morning. A terrific day! Meet the Press, the Sunday papers, the Gardens tonight and the grand children in between.

Life is good!

Hope it is good for you also today!

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